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Are you passionate
about how God’s love transforms lives?

Our commitment is to be faithful to your generosity by directing as much as possible to the people and places God has given you a heart for.

Opportunities with CBM

Are you passionate about how God’s love transforms every aspect of people’s lives? Would you like to join a team that works globally with local churches to share that love in word and deed? Places where communities face poverty and injustice? Where families and kids are at risk? Where church leaders yearn to be trained to be more effective in addressing community needs? If you find your heart beating a little faster as you read this, email membercare@cbmin.org

Sorry, There are currently no open positions

International Opportunities


Local Churches Transforming their Communities through Integral Mission

Are you interested in joining Canadian Baptist Ministries as Global Field Staff? Are there other people you know who might? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about recruitment for overseas service:

  • Canadian Baptists have a solid global reputation of working in a respectful manner with partners. We arrive with a desire to help and a willingness to listen, instead of arriving with packaged solutions that are assumed to work everywhere. We collaborate with our partners to create strategies together. Our partners in the Global South appreciate the Canadian Baptist approach, and are empowered through it.
  • Canadian Baptists are mainstream evangelicals that have historically balanced “word” and “deed”. CBM’s international ministries reflect this balanced approach. CBM believes that local churches are God’s primary strategy for transforming a broken world. We believe, work through and have a vision for transformed local churches. If you believe in the church, then you should work with us!
  • We have an already-existing constituency of churches and individuals that want to support our Field Staff because they already support CBM. CBM is what happens when 1,000 Canadian Baptist churches and 150,000 individuals join together to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus around the world. If you join us, you are stepping into a long history that has faithful supporters – Canadian Baptists began engaging in global mission in the 1840s!
  • CBM has a strong commitment to transforming broken communities through local churches doing integral mission (aka word and deed… or wordeed as we like to call it). If you believe this, you should join us!

A passionate commitment to CBM’s values and model of engagement

  • Integral mission – demonstration and proclamation/word and deed are inseparable so much so we call it wordeed.
    The local church as God’s agent of change in the world
  • Brokenness comes in many forms and crosses all groups of people. All need to hear and experience God as the hope of the world.

A strong sense of identity in Christ and a call to cross-cultural and inter-cultural ministry

  • This is a big move out of the comfort zone. When times get tough, a strong sense of call becomes the anchor that sustains and steadies.

Adaptability, flexibility, comfort with ambiguity

  • Change is the constant everywhere, but even more when roles are shifting. Of course there are the expected “unexpected events”. But in addition, a shift in direction may be needed to meet our partners’ emerging needs, cultural elements come into play, expectations may be hard to interpret, and so on.


  • It’s important to recognize and understand that there is far more to learn than there will be insights or wisdom to impart. There is an ongoing learning curve because no one arrives an expert.

A good balance of self-direction, initiative and being a team player

  • It means being able to work independently towards goals but under the guidance and support of a team that is both on the field and in the office.

A sense of adventure, curiosity, opportunity – enjoying the journey and all the adventures it entails!

  • You want to join what God is already doing as He builds His church “from every nation” (Revelation 7:9, 11:9)
  • You are intrigued by the challenge and adventure that is present when you live in a different country and relate to people inter-culturally
  • You have a sense of adventure and discovery – navigating a new setting will stretch and strengthen you as an individual/couple/family
  • You want to have good “rocking chair memories” i.e. you want to be able to look back on your life and see that you were involved in something significant!
  • You are looking for an opportunity to help you develop a breadth of skills/ abilities to enhance current and future ministry.
  • You value support from strong leadership team and colleagues around the world to guide you in your field ministry, work with you in your engagement with Canadian churches/individuals, and support you and your family’s overall wellbeing
  • You value the security of a compensation and benefits package that will allow you a suitable lifestyle now, and a pension plan for your future
  • Your picture will be on the refrigerator door, and the hearts and lips of many Canadian Baptist churches and individuals who will support you with prayer, finances, and other encouragement!

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Opportunities with Our Partners

Below are opportunities currently available among our various partners.
If you would like us to advertise your opportunity, please email membercare@cbmin.org

Sorry, There are currently no open positions