Food Security

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The unspeakable violence and loss of life that occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) during the 1998-2003 civil war and afterward, left millions of people displaced and traumatized. The atrocities of this conflict deeply marred civil society. People lost loved ones, their homes, land, livelihoods and suffered horrendous human rights violations and

Church Closures in Rwanda

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National Field Staff André Sibomana reports that the government of Rwanda has been cracking down on churches in an effort to curb fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, these efforts have also mistakenly included legitimate churches, including some from our partner, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). Some AEBR congregations are now entering Holy

Listening and Learning in Colombia and Beyond

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CBM Global Field Staff Bill Dyck and Bruno Soucy attended a Pastor's Summit in Colombia and came away very encouraged.  Says Bill, "Blessed to have met so many Latin American Christian leaders at the Pastoreo de Pastores (Pastor to Pastors) summit in Colombia! Looking forward to what God will do through, and among the pastors of the Bolivian Baptist

El Salvador

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BE SENT to El Salvador to serve and learn alongside the local church and our partner ENLACE. SENT teams in El Salvador join with a local church in a community development project identified by the church and community. At present, the project is composting latrines in La Hacienda.  

Estimated Cost for a SENT experience (including all flights, insurance, and ground costs): $2500/person

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Guardians of Hope

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Guardians of Hope (GOH), is CBM’s strategic response to the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. HIV targets people during their most productive years, making economic progress in many developing countries an even greater challenge. People with AIDS do not su er alone - the disease also impacts their families and communities. Because it cuts down

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Get Well Soon

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It shouldn’t matter where in the world you are born, but it does! The poor in developing countries bear a disproportionate burden of communicable diseases and health issues. They have increased exposure and risk through malnutrition, lack of affordable health care services, poor health and unsafe living conditions. Ultimately, it results in a much