In the fall of 2021, CBM invited Canadian Baptists to ‘Empower the church in a Time of Crisis.’ We asked for you to join us in supporting our global partners as they continue to share the gospel and proclaim God’s love in their communities.

Through your generosity, over $120,000 was raised to help support pastors and lay leaders shepherd their churches well. One way these funds are being used is through the Lahu Village Project.

CBM began reaching out to the Lahu villages by providing medical support to the villagers. The hope was that within 10 years, the gospel would be proclaimed to 100 Lahu villages. We knew this was a big vision and we prayed that God would provide us with a mission partner to accomplish it. God answered our prayers, and in 2017, we began a partnership with Pastor Duodu and his team.

Through this partnership, CBM is helping communities improve their quality of life by building clean water supply systems, purchasing buffalos for farming, and constructing multifunctional church buildings. Since we began this project in 2017, Pastor Duodo an his team have visited over 40 villages.
Three years ago, one of the pastors came to Jar Ha Ko’s village and preached the gospel to him and the villagers. Jar has a family of five and earns his living through farming and working as a shaman performing religious ceremonies for the villagers. He refused to accept Jesus during this first meeting, but the team continued to visit the village to provide medical care and preach.

During one visit, Jar approched the team and shared he was having nightmares and feeling afraid. After the pastor prayed for him, he felt peace inside and experienced God’s power. After years of visits, jar accepted Jesus into his life. “It was not easy for me to change my religion,” said Jar. “Fortunately, the pastors didn’t give up on me. I gradually open my heart to Jesus. After accepting Jesus as my savior, I feel safe and free.”

Since 2017, 500 new Christians have been baptized and we have completed building four churches with the fifth one now underway. The Lahu communities hope that the cross on their churches will show that their lives are different now that they have become followers of Christ.

Beyond this, we are also financially supporting three local pastors in these communities. With the support of Canadian churches, CBM and Pastor Duodu will continue their work to proclaim the gospel to the Lahu communities. Please pray that these remote and unreached communities will be transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.