CBM applauds one of its Global Field Staff to Lebanon, Emad Botros, who has recently completed his Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Theology-Old Testament through McMaster Divinity College.

His thesis, The Merciful and Compassionate God: A Biblical Theology of Jonah in the Context of Islam, focuses on developing a biblical theology of the Old Testament in the context of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with research focusing on the intersection of the biblical texts and the Qur’an, with particular emphasis on the book of Jonah.

Emad shares, “This study is very relevant to our ministry and to the church in the MENA region at various levels. As I teach, it is my desire to encourage our students to make the Bible more relevant to their own context, particularly to those who read the Bible from non-Christian backgrounds. I challenge them to welcome the opportunity to hear Muslims’ questions and challenges in regard to the book of Jonah. It is also my desire to help the church in the Arab world to develop more discipleship resources and models for teaching and preaching the Word of God in this unique setting. Therefore, I encourage the church to seriously take into consideration the Old Testament in its presentation of the life and the ministry of Jesus in the context of Islam.”

Join us as we congratulate Emad in his commitment to God’s work in the MENA region.