God is Good: Christmas


God is Good: He Gives Good Gifts

This special Christmas Kids Care lesson will help you to discuss the ways that God gives us good gifts and that we can give others gifts to show them that God loves them.


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He Gives Good Gifts – Part 1: Introduction

This video helps introduce the lesson using a message from Sophie.

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He Gives Good Gifts – Part 2: The Reason Behind the Season

In this video, Sophie talks about the true meaning of Christmas and how you can share the light, love and hope of Jesus.

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He Gives Good Gifts – Part 3: Wrap Up

Sophie wraps up the Christmas Kids Care lesson.

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This Lesson is part of the KIDS CARE series

God is God

“Kids Care – God is Good” is an opportunity to discuss with our children all the ways that God shows his goodness towards us. This five-lesson children’s resource will help you look at some global problems from a biblical perspective. It will also encourage your children’s group to better engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, games, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

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