The ads for back-to-school shopping were everywhere, and while I tried to ignore them in the middle of summer, my daughters were thrilled with the idea of picking out their school supplies in early August!

We travelled up and down the aisles with the oldest holding the supply lists and the younger attempting to steer the oversized cart. I will admit, I was not thrilled to be reading the fine print on the packages of scribblers looking for the ones with specifically 80 pages or searching to find duotangs in 6 different colours; however, I did find much joy watching my kids’ enthusiasm as they talked about the start of a new school year.   

For over 1.6 billion children globally, the ability to purchase school supplies and attend school is out of reach. Access to education is a human right and, as followers of Jesus, we are called to join God in bringing dignity and justice to those in need. That’s why we started our annual Active in Mission event to raise awareness and funds to help provide educational opportunities for children in 9 countries where CBM partners. We are grateful for the 26 teams and 19 churches across the country that have raised over $59,000! Churches hosted prayer walk events, field games and BBQs while others walked, jogged, ran, or biked and were sponsored and cheered on by friends and family. As a result, children and youth in Bolivia, India, Rwanda, Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and the Philippines will have greater access to education.

Some of these children will be able to attend school and receive the required school supplies and uniforms, while others will receive tutoring or skills training. These projects are rooted in the local church, where God’s love is shown in tangible ways as we partner together to give this generation hope for a brighter future. 

As the children in your life begin a new school year, we ask that you continue to pray for children around the world experiencing the effects of the pandemic, which has contributed to the worst educational crisis on record. We are so grateful for your partnership in helping children around the world reach their full God-given potential.

Active in Mission is coming back in 2023! From June to August, churches individuals, and groups will take the pledge to walk, bike, run and get active while raising funds for pressing needs around the world. Will you join us?