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The global landscape has changed and continues to do so at an extraordinary pace. The world will likely never be the same when we emerge from this crisis. There is such a long road to recovery ahead. Some reports suggest that gains in poverty reduction, gender equity, education and food security have been set back by decades.

Yet what remains constant and has been for over a century is the faithful response of Canadian Baptists answering God’s mission call. As we continue to see the needs of people grow exponentially in so many places, together we stay committed to sharing God’s love through word and deed.

I have been asked how best to support CBM’s work this year. First, we need your ongoing prayer. The sustaining power of Baptists in prayer is powerful. Secondly, we need your financial support. Find the people and places and causes that resonate with you in this catalogue. If you don’t know how best to make an impact, select our “where most needed” item which enables us to respond to the most immediate needs expediently and efficiently.

As we collectively seek to mitigate the devastating impacts of COVID-19, we long to impact more people in more ways than ever. Your faithful gifts and prayers empower us to act with generosity and compassion in places where the transforming power of the gospel needs to be felt.

We feel privileged to be entrusted with this task on your behalf. Thank you for your faithful response in a world of need.

Grace and peace,

Jennifer Lau
Executive Director

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Hopeful Gifts

Where Most Needed

Without a doubt, giving a gift to “Where Most Needed” is the greatest gift you can give. Allowing us the flexibility to allocate your gift helps ensure that all CBM programs are adequately funded.

Educational Resource

It Starts Today

It Starts Today is a story of good development work, done with dignity, through local churches that empower women with a hand-up. This multi-part activity starts “out there” in the world, then moves into your home and ends in your own neighbourhood when you and your child respond to the community’s needs.

*NOTE: This item is not applicable as a donation and that you will not receive a donation receipt.


Collective Cup Coffee

When you give Collective Cup coffee as a gift, you give sustainably shade-grown and delicious direct-trade java to loved ones AND hope to small-scale farmers in El Salvador. The smooth, rich flavours of sweet chocolate, sugar cane, plum and raisins, goes well with the delicious aroma of dignity and justice in every cup.

*NOTE: For 5lb orders please select the FREE SHIPPING option in the shipping details. This can be done during the check-out process in the “Review Your Gift” page, under “Basket Total”.

**NOTE: This item is not applicable as a donation and that you will not receive a donation receipt.

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The Gift of Peace

Gifts in AFRICA

Though much time has passed, the lingering impacts of the 1994 ethnic violence in Rwanda continue to be felt. Reconciliation and peacebuilding remain critical for a shared and prosperous future. Your gift will support arts and education programs that build greater understanding and empathy in the next generation.

Teach a Woman to Read

Gifts in AFRICA

Functional literacy and numeracy are critical for everyday interactions. Yet many women caring for their families lack these basic skills, keeping them in a cycle of poverty and its debilitating effects. This gift provides books, Bibles and gender training for Rwandan women. With access to education comes greater capacity for improving their families’ health.

Provide Secondary School Fees

Gifts in AFRICA

Education is the most effective tool for combating poverty. In Rwanda, education is also a means for peacebuilding and understanding. Your gift towards secondary education for vulnerable and parentless youth will create possibilities for further education and better employment opportunities.

Reduce a Barrier, Open a Door

Gifts in AFRICA

One barrier to education for children marginalized by poverty is simply the lack of funds for basic school supplies. Your gift will provide children in Rwanda with access to these supplies so that they too may reach their Godgiven potential through education.

Peacebuilding Practices

Gifts in AFRICA

The Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya is an overcrowded home to almost 160,000 people. In this environment, the potential for violence is an ever-present threat. Your gift will support practical peacebuilding workshops that enable women and other community leaders to heal from trauma, learn about conflict resolution and understand peaceful coexistence.

Build Leaders and Build the Church

Gifts in AFRICA

Ministry Leaders in South Sudan can advance their skills through training workshops, which equip them to better serve their communities. As a result, local church leaders have the knowledge and resources to sustain and stabilize areas devastated by violence.

Summer Camp for Refugee Children

Gifts in LEBANON

Children are terrorized by war and displacement due to violence. Many young people have lived in Lebanon for several years, but struggle with the emotional scars and trauma of past events. Your gift offers them the possibility to play and grow in a safe and welcoming summer camp experience.

Medical Care for Syrian Refugees

Gifts in LEBANON

The rising cost of living in Lebanon is making life difficult for many families. Syrian refugees are stigmatized, marginalized and seen as outsiders. As a result, accessing medical care is beyond the reach of many. A gift here will help alleviate that burden by providing access to professional care and medicine.

Hope for Going Home

Gifts in LEBANON

Refugees returning to their home countries face the real possibility that their former home is gone or their cities or towns are severely damaged. Help to fund refurbishing a home for a displaced refugee family as they return and rebuild following years of displacement.

Scholarships for Students

Gifts in LEBANON

The mission of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary is to serve the Church by training leaders. There is an enormous need for trained Arab pastors, evangelists and skilled Christian lay leaders who can effectively reach out to their surrounding communities. Your gift towards scholarships will provide an opportunity for a student to fulfill their education and calling. These young leaders will strengthen the witness of Christian churches across the region.

Plates, Profits and Proclamation

Gifts in INDIA

Discrimination by caste remains a significant cultural hurdle for those seeking economic opportunities. Your support of this plate-making program will increase skill levels and family income profits. Within this program, various caste groups work together for shared success. You are allowing these churches to demonstrate the unity made possible in Jesus.

Rescue and Restoration

Gifts in INDIA

The statistics are horrifying. Six hundred women and children go missing every hour. In Kolkata, an urban centre of over 14 million people, young girls from impoverished families are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Shame and stigmatization from their families will bring further isolation. Through your support, they can receive victim counselling and training. Employable skills enable them to realize hope and a future free of exploitation and violence.

Dignity and Development

Gifts in INDIA

The debilitating effects of addiction can damage individuals. Absent fathers leave children without role models and wives are running households without assistance on limited incomes. Your gift towards entrepreneurial skills training and small loans strengthen the recovery of young men, allowing them to reestablish their dignity and self-worth within their own homes and participate in assisting other addicts in their community.

How Far Can a Water Buffalo Go?

Gifts in INDIA

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, poverty rates have risen in India. A water buffalo can go a long way to support the health and wealth of a family. With its ability to provide nutritious milk and extra milk to sell in the market, the improvements begin. When she calves, another buffalo will sustain another family. Any male calves can be sold, and these profits roll back into the purchase of yet another buffalo. In time the program will sustain itself. Your gift will get a family moo-ving towards self-sufficiency.

Education Can Protect a Young Girl’s Life

Gifts in INDIA

Indian girls in poor rural communities are at significant risk of being married-off at 13, because “she is too much of a financial burden.” Teaching a girl to read opens future possibilities for her and her family. For example, when she can read, she can be employed in higher-paying jobs and contribute to the household income. If she marries later in life, she and her child are more likely to survive childbirth. That is the power of educating a girl. She Matters.

Pair of Rabbits


Rabbits are a very cost-effective and non-labour intensive animal to raise, producing highly nutritious meat along with enriching manure which can greatly improve soil quality. Rabbits are also highly reproductive and grow rapidly, leading to a very profitable animal for a family to raise.

Poultry Hens and a Rooster


Poultry are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally. Poultry are an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also create excellent fertilizer for farming.

Fill the Hen House


A double portion of hens along with a rooster. Poultry is an excellent source of food and meat, as their eggs can feed a family while also being a reliable source of income. Poultry also creates excellent fertilizer for farming. They are fairly easy to care for and help keep areas clean by controlling bugs and weeds naturally.



Pigs are a hardy animal that provide many valuable uses including pork, lard, leather, glue and fertilizer, as well as a variety of medicines. Pigs can also have up to five or six pigs per litter, at least once a year, which can be raised or sold as income to provide for a family’s needs.



Goats are versatile animals that can be raised in a variety of different climates and environments. Goats can produce up to two to three kids a year, and provide a steady milk supply as well as meat for families to have or sell. Goat fibers can also be spun and used in a number of ways.



While cows require more living space than poultry or rabbits, the fresh milk that they provide is invaluable for a family’s nutrition and health, while also being an important resource to be sold at the market for a steady income. Cows can have up to four calves in their lifetime, which can lead to a herd.

Feed a Family for a Month


Families struggling with hunger and extreme poverty are facing challenges that have been compounded due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. CBM continues to work in Lebanon, South Sudan and Latin America to address food security challenges. Your gift will feed a family for one month in places such as these.

Grow Hope – Become a Virtual Farmer


Your gift will not only fund the costs for supplies such as seeds, fertilizer, crop spraying and associated equipment costs, but it will also grow hope and change the lives of people in need far away from where it was grown.

Rural Kids at Risk

Gifts in ASIA

Access to education is limited for children in rural Myanmar at the best of times. The schooling disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak present students and teachers with further challenges in their education. Your gift will allow these students to resume learning. Ensure they can realize their hopes and dreams for a brighter future.

Early Success in Kids Education

Gifts in ASIA

COVID-19 and the effects of lockdowns have set back the educational journeys for children around the world. Your gift here will support building foundational skills for young children in Capiz Province of the Philippines. Help this early childhood centre get their students back on the path of learning.

Practical Skills Training for Pastors

Gifts in ASIA

Pastors often fill many roles. In the Philippines, increasing a pastor’s skill-set enables them to serve their church and community better. Through your gift, they will receive practical training in leading meetings, managing budgets and community development practices. Strengthening a pastor strengthens the local church.

Essentials for Remote Villages

Gifts in ASIA

The Lahu are a minority tribe in the remote mountainous region of Myanmar with no electricity or sanitation, limited water supply and no schools. Support the development of these communities through basic medical supplies, water gathering systems and the construction of a building for use as a school and multiple other purposes within their community.

Whole and Healthy Families


Foundations for successful learning for children at risk in Guatemala include homework clubs and after-school programs to keep them engaged and away from the influence of street culture. Your gift helps provide nutritious meals and Bible instruction. Parents also benefit from practical workshops, encouraging the health of the whole family.

Grow Skills in a Community


Reports predict that following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, El Salvador’s economy will be set back 40 years. Your gift will fund microenterprise, small agricultural and economic development training. Communities in El Salvador can become more financially stable and improve their income, despite the challenges they are facing.

Pastoring Pastors – Support on the Way


Pastors need to meet with their peers to be encouraged and support one another in ministry. In some locations, limited finances hinder this ability to connect. Sustain a pastor in their calling. Through your support, pastors in the Dominican Republic will receive assistance with transportation costs, food, lodging and training materials.

Sustainable Self-Respect


Youth in rural areas of El Salvador often leave family farms in favour of pursuing a life in urban centres. They don’t see a future on the land. Your gift here can support new ecologically viable farming initiatives that increase income levels, grow dignity and raise their standing within the community as these young entrepreneurs revive local farms.

Building Pastors Builds Churches

Gifts in LATIN AMERICAMonthly Gift

You can help pastors in the Dominican Republic enhance their ministry competencies through regular monthly meetings and annual gatherings. These are meaningful opportunities to strengthen pastoral care among leaders and their families. Your gift includes transportation, an expense that often excludes poorer pastors, along with food and accompanying training materials.

Strengthening the Local Church


Cuba’s political and economic makeup and regular severe weather events make it a challenging place. As a result, church leaders here need a special mix of skills in both pastoral care and good development practices. Through your gift, these local pastors, many of whom are leading churches within their own homes, will be given further training to respond to the needs of those in their communities.

Sanctuary for Street Involved Mothers and Children

Gifts in BOLIVIA

In the red-light district of Cochabamba, mothers who work the streets must leave their children at home alone and unattended. This leads to missed meals, missed school and an environment that is unhealthy and dangerous. Fundacion Emanuel offers a safe place where the love of Jesus is modelled. Your gift will provide psychological and educational support, meals, and a community where children and their mothers are cared for.

Education for a Brighter Future

Gifts in BOLIVIA

Without computer equipment or internet access, children in impoverished situations face even more significant risks of becoming involved in street life and falling further into poverty. Your gift will support children and youth in this Cochabamba neighbourhood with the ability to access online learning and equipment along with tutoring and nutritional support.

Vegetables from Yard to Table

Gifts in BOLIVIA

In Bolivia, rural families may have limited access to a well-rounded diet. Nutritional deficiencies can affect both physical and emotional health. However, families can improve their quality of life by growing a vegetable kitchen garden. Your gift will equip each family with their own set of construction materials, seeds and agricultural supplies.

Thread a Needle

Gifts in BOLIVIA

This women’s project is set to take off. Eagles Wings brings together women whose husbands are currently incarcerated. Without their husbands, women and their children are at an increased risk of poverty. Through training and instruction, they are learning to run their own small sewing businesses. Together as a group, they meet for spiritual support while gaining practical skills in budgeting and parenting.

Beekeeping – Hives of Activity

Gifts in BOLIVIA

Supply families in rural Bolivia with new skills training, equipment and supplies to begin beekeeping. Multiple hives in an apiary can produce wax and honey that improve overall family health and augment the families’ income levels through profit from sales.