Just B-Cause: Lesson 2


Striving to end poverty 

In this Kids Care Just B-Cause” lesson we learn about a Marta, a mother with Kids at Risk in Bolivia. Her story, alongside the discussion questions and other activities will help your Kids understand why it is important to remember that we can join God is ending poverty by showing compassion to those in need.


Lesson Guide PDF

Click the download button to access the full lesson plan about Striving to End Poverty.

Story Video

Click the download button to access the KIDS VIDS video where you can hear Marta’s story.


Click the download button to access a postcard highlighting the key points from the lesson, including scripture and prayer.

This Lesson is part of the KIDS CARE series

God is God

“Kids Care – God is Good” is an opportunity to discuss with our children all the ways that God shows his goodness towards us. This five-lesson children’s resource will help you look at some global problems from a biblical perspective. It will also encourage your children’s group to better engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, games, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

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