Pray with André Sibomana

Hello there, my name is Andre Sibomana, and I serve with Canadian Baptist ministries as the Africa Team Leader. My responsibilities include providing a continental strategic direction in the area of joint ministries between CBM and the local church partners and maintaining the relationships and partnerships between CBM and denominational leaders.

Thank you very much, for keeping all of us in your prayers. We continue to see God’s hand in our work but also among the church communities that we are working alongside.

It has been a busy year so far. By God’s grace, the pandemic slowed down and we could visit partners and Baptist families in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Liberia and Togo. As a team, we have been learning about the integration of faith and work and partner leaders have been working and supporting one another by carrying out organizational peer capacity assessments. We are so thankful that churches are recovering from the pandemic and are considering more collaboration.

Along these praise items, we do have these pertaining prayer requests as well.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Resilience as communities in Africa are trying to adapt to the reality and effects of climate change. As we speak now, this is planting season, please pray for a safe and good amount of rain.
  • Because of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the price of basic needs has gone up and doubled. This is adding more pressure on poor families as they lose their purchasing power, and it is causing some panic among the people.
  • Pray for the communities that are being affected by Ebola in Uganda, this is a terrible situation as there is fear that it can escalate in the region again.
  • Pray for the upcoming gathering for the organizational Peer Capacity assessment in South Sudan.
  • Pray that everything will run smoothly for the upcoming Africa Vennture conference that will be hosted in Rwanda.
  • Pray for the safety of staff in the field, in the CBM office and members from Canadian churches who are beginning to visit churches overseas.

May God keep you and bless the work of your hands. Together for the Kingdom.

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