Pray with Gordon Brew

Hi there, my name is Gordon Brew, and I am the Creative Strategist at CBM. On behalf of my colleagues in the content and design department and my other colleagues in the Canadian office, we are indeed grateful for your prayers and support. I mention the Canadian office because today, I would really appreciate it if you could continue to pray for CBM and pray for us here in Canada, as the Canadian office is coming back together and meeting back in person over the last several months. We have some things to be thankful for, and we are very grateful indeed that we get to see each other and spend some time one on one whilst observing the protocols as best as we can. There is life coming back into the building and we are grateful for that. You will see below some of the things you can continue to pray for us here in the office, and below that some of the concerns of our global partners which we continue to pray for on a weekly basis. It is your prayerful support for CBM, our partners and projects that continues to make this work possible, so thank you again.

May God bless you.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • We praise God that the Canadian Staff have been in the office together more and connecting face to face more frequently. It is good to be able to share the work and some laughter again in person.
  • Please pray for the overall health of the staff on both a personal level and corporately as a community that seeks to faithfully serve in the capacities we have in each of our roles and as we seek to fulfil the mission of the organization and make the Good News known.
  • It has been a busy time in the CBM office, and the Finance dept has just completed the demands of the audit process. Please pray for the team as they rest and recover from this intensive process.
  • Pray for the International Partnerships team as they continue to monitor the many projects that are taking place. They too have been through a demanding time of new project proposal reviews.
  • We thank God for the board meetings that recently took place. We are grateful for all the efforts and planning that took place to make this successful for both in-person and online meetings.
  • For “my team” (Jon, Jess, Ruby, Sonya and Berdene) in the Content & Design department, please pray for our work and efforts to promote CBM’s projects and support the departments internally. These summer months for us are very full. Please pray for The Active in Mission fundraising event that is underway to support kids at risk. May all our efforts bear fruit on behalf of the children struggling to access education in the countries where we serve.
  • Though we are just entering June and have not arrived at the end of the school year, our team is turning our attention to Christmas. Along with the Church Engagement Team, we are beginning the process that will create the 2022 Hopeful Gifts for Change Christmas gift catalogue along with Advent resources an much more.

The work in the Candian office here in Mississauga may seem far removed from the families and communities we serve, yet we are all a part of the work – whether it is emails sent, phone calls returned, or meetings held. This work too is part of embracing a broken world through word and deed. Thank you again for the faithful support of CBM through your prayers.

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