Pray with Joseph Lee

Greetings in the Lord to everyone. My name is Joseph Lee, and I am from Myanmar. I serve as national field staff for CBM in the Golden Triangle Region. I would like to invite you to pray for my country, Myanmar. The country continues to have unrest, causing a high number of refugees, and shortages of food and electricity. We have partnered with some local pastors and churches to provide food and daily necessities for refugees caused by the conflicts. There are also many children among them, and we have supported them with nutrient-rich food. Please remember the people of Myanmar in your prayers. Pray for their safety and for the provision of their needs.

May is the month of starting the new school year in Thailand. Including our mission partner TBTI, other local schools are preparing to welcome the new school year. Please pray for the safety of the teachers and the students in Thailand as they need to face the risk of Covid-19 infection while running in-person classes.

I would also like to request you to pray for the local churches in the Golden Triangle. Please pray for the churches to be able to stand firm in their faith and have the courage to face the challenges brought by the environment of unrest. Pray that the churches will continue to bless the community. Together with prayer, we embrace this broken world. May God bless you all.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Please pray for the country of Myanmar. May the peace of God be upon this country. Pray that the people who are affected by the conflicts are able to access a safe place and have their needs met.
  • Please pray for our ministry in Myanmar. Pray for wisdom and strength in partnership with the local churches to continue serving the people who are in need.
  • Please pray for Thailand as the country is opening their doors and easing its COVID-19 restrictions. Pray for the safety of the people and help them to navigate this new normal.
  • Please pray for our mission projects in the Golden Triangle. The rainy season is coming. Please pray for the safety of our partners as they travel to mountainous regions to preach the Gospel to the people in the villages.
  • The schools in Thailand have started the new school year. Please pray for the teachers and the students to be able to teach and study safely.

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