Pray with Joseph Lee

Hello everyone, I am Joseph Lee, serving in the Golden Triangle region. Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the missions in this area. Your participation is significant to my ministries.

Being situated at the tri-border of three countries: Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, the Golden Triangle encompasses a diversity of cultures, languages and different ethnic groups. Ministries in the Golden Triangle are also varied, including church ministry, theological education, campus ministry, rehabilitation ministry, children’s ministry and more. Churches in the Golden Triangle region face a challenging environment around them filled with gambling, drugs, fraud and other criminal cases.

I would like to invite you to pray for the churches in the Golden Triangle so that the true light of Jesus Christ may shine through the churches in the midst of darkness. Pray that the churches will stand firm and continue to witness God’s work and His grace. Please pray for CBM’s ministry in the Golden Triangle as well. We support and strengthen the local churches to enhance the healthy growth of the church through preaching, teaching and running workshops. We are committed to mobilizing the local churches and encouraging their active participation in local mission work. Please pray for the SENT teams from Canada, which are coming in November. They will visit our local partners and see the work of God in local churches. We firmly believe that God will transform the community through His church and change people’s lives.

Thank you for your attention and prayers. May the peace of God always be with you!

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Please pray for the upcoming workshops which will be focused on integral mission. May these workshops be fruitful and a blessing to the local churches in the Golden Triangle region.
  • Please pray for us and our partners as we plan next year’s mission projects. May we have the wisdom to make the right decisions and meet the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Please pray for the SENT teams from Canada who are coming to the Golden Triangle region in November. Pray that all the planning is fruitful, that they will have safe travels, and that they will be a blessing to the local churches as well as to the teams.
  • Please pray for the running of projects in the third and fourth quarters of this year. Pray that our local partners will have the strength and good health to implement all the activities as envisioned.
  • Please pray for the political situation in Thailand and Myanmar. There are many uncertainties and challenges in both countries at present. Pray that God’s peace and mercy will be upon the people in both countries.
  • Please pray for my teaching and preaching ministries among the local organizations and churches. Pray that I will have the wisdom and strength from the Holy Spirit to share God’s word.

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