Pray with Xiaodan and Philipp Fröhlich

Hello, my name is Philipp Fröhlich. I serve together with my wife Xiaodan in the city of Marburg in Germany. In our ministry among the Chinese population, we do a lot of ministries with people who have recently come to faith and need a lot of guidance, encouragement and pastoral care. Parents also need help in the spiritual education of their children. In this, we realize how important it is for Christians to develop a shepherd’s heart that is often willing to put his or her own needs in the background in order to be there for others who are not yet ready and need to “receive” more than they can “give back.” Pray that more Christians in our churches will become mature in their faith and lifestyle and be able to teach, make disciples, guide others, and be an example. As it says in the Letter to the Hebrews, “…let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works” (Heb 10:24) An opportunity for us to minister arose when it was reported to us that some parents from our neighbouring towns are interested in having a youth group for their children. Some parents are not Christians. We thank God for this opportunity to make Jesus known to these children and youth once a month. We hope that this ministry will continue to bear fruit for a long time. Thank you for your partnership in prayer!

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Especially lately, we feel there is a great need for Christians who have a shepherd’s heart and are willing to put their own aspirations, needs and fears in the background to serve others, make contacts and love people despite differences. We have the impression that many are too busy with their own lives. Pray that God will bring change in hearts so that Christians will have their perspective changed and be heartily willing to give time and energy to God’s purposes and tasks.
  • Since February, Xiaodan and I have been going to the neighbouring city of Kassel once a month to host a youth group with children and youth from Kassel and Göttingen. We thank God for the opportunity to introduce children and youth to Jesus through this program. Pray that we will be able to make the program appealing despite the wide age range of 8-13 years. Pray that God will open the hearts of the children and youth to begin a personal relationship with God.
  • Around Easter, a Church Bible school will be held in Frankfurt for many Chinese churches from all over Germany. At Pentecost, the church retreat of the three churches in Kassel, Göttingen and Marburg will take place. Pray for wisdom and help with the rest of the preparation and organization of both events. Pray that both participating Christians and non-Christians will be blessed by God through fellowship, lectures, workshops and experiences.

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