Pray with Conrad and Fiona Kwok

Dear friends,

I’m Conrad Kwok, I’m Fiona Kwok.

We are the Team Leaders of the Chinese Ministries Team of CBM. We oversee the ministries in Germany, the Golden Triangle and East Asia.

As we pray today, we would like to first give thanks to the Lord. God is always with us, no matter what situation we are in. In good times and in bad times.

As the world has re-opened for travelling, we see churches wanting to participate in the SENT. In the next few months, we have three teams going to Germany and three teams going to the Golden Triangle from Canada. Conrad and I will be in the Golden Triangle at the end of October until mid-December to welcome the 3 teams from Calgary and Toronto.

We don’t hear much on the news about Myanmar these days, but the country is still in a very difficult situation. Political instability and the never-ending inflation make lives so much more challenging, while people don’t have enough food to put on the table. In May this year, while I was in Myanmar, some people told me that they didn’t see any hope and disagreed with the military government, so in order to express their objection, they kept their children at home instead of sending them to school. It is a very sad situation. However, we also praise the Lord that we see churches working together to help the communities, to bring them the good news and hope through Jesus Christ. We at CBM are trying to establish more partnerships with Myanmar churches so that we may extend our helping hands to the people there.

Please remember Myanmar in your prayers. May God’s loving hands reach out to them and give them comfort.

We have listed some prayer items below that you may pray with us this week.

Thank you.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Please pray for CBM as we continue to reach out to the broken world through word and deed.
  • Please pray for the SENT team to Germany and Golden Triangle, may the brothers and sisters from Canada be a blessing to the local community, and likewise, they will be blessed by the people there.
  • Please pray for our work in Germany, as our field staff are planning welcome events for new students. May God grant them wisdom during all the preparations so that they will have opportunities to reach out to newcomers.
  • Please pray for all the staff of the Chinese Ministries Team. May He grant us good health, wisdom and joy as we serve.
  • Please pray for Conrad & Fiona as we are travelling back to the Golden Triangle at the end of October. May God grant us good health and safe travels.  May our service be pleasing to Him.

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