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CBM’s camp educational mission resource gives campers the opportunity to learn about and engage in meaningful discussions about global social issues such as poverty and justice through games, fun activities and crafts and how to respond through God’s love.


Why are we sending kids to school in Rwanda?

We know that education is the most important tool to fight generational poverty. By teaching boys and girls to read, write and count, they are able to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Many families living in poverty cannot afford to send their children to school because of the cost of school fees, uniforms, and school supplies. Other families require the children to work to earn income and to run the home while the parents work. The Covid 19 pandemic has affected education globally and many children are suffering from a lack of educational opportunities.

Through the Orphans and Vulnerable Children program in Rwanda run by local churches, kids are given the opportunity to attend school and live healthier and productive lives

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Tell All Your Friends!

Resources to help you and your campers explain why education is so important. Share one or both of these short videos with your campers to introduce them to smart start and get them excited about supporting kids’ education in Rwanda.

Fundraising Tools

This is a downloadable milk carton cover that your campers can colour, cut out, and tape/glue to a 473ml clean milk carton to collect money for Smart Start.

Please note that the funds are for KidsCare 2022 and can be sent to:

Canadian Baptist Ministries,
7185Millcreek Drive,
Mississauga, ON, Canada
L5N 5R4

Lessons and Devotionals

Download our lessons about Rwanda from Kids Care: Just B-Cause and Kids Care: U+I Can Choose, plus this exclusive devotional to use during cabin group times.

Just B-Cause: Lesson 4

Speaking up for Justice

In this “Kids Care Just B-Cause” lesson we learn about a Sandrine, a Kid at Risk in Rwanda. Her story, alongside the discussion questions and other activities will help your Kids understand why it is important to remember that we can join God in restoring relationships.

U + I Can Choose: Lesson 1

U + I Can Choose Justice

Smart Start:

Cabin Devotion PDF

How to Draw Series

Share this short video activity with your campers. Illustrator Dolph Banza shows us how to draw a chicken. (Runtime: 4 min 56 sec)

Share this short video activity with your campers. Illustrator Dolph Banza shows us how to draw people. (Runtime: 6 min 37 sec)

Share this short video activity with your campers. Illustrator Dolph Banza shows us how to draw expressions. (Runtime: 2 min 41 sec)

Share this short video activity with your campers. Illustrator Dolph Banza shows us how to draw movement. (Runtime: 3 min 36 sec)

Activities and Games

With these fun games and activities your campers will be having fun and building their Smart Start knowledge.

Word Search PDF

Share this classic word search activity with your campers.

Recipes PDF

Here are some traditional Rwandan recipes for your campers to try. Why not choose one meal or snack to share as a whole camp? Make sure to let your camp cook know early so they can gather the ingredients.

Games PDF

Here are a couple of games that are popular in Rwanda.

Colouring Page

Download and print this coloring page for campers to post up around the camp or take home as a reminder to pray for Rwanda.

Trivia Game PowerPoint

Download this PowerPoint trivia game and play it with your campers to learn all about education in Rwanda.

Art Project Ideas

Here is a really fun art activity to try with clay and wood called Imigongo.

Other Resources

Some other resources to help with your camper’s experience.

Song Sheet PDF

A printable song sheet to help you lead the “He is Lord” song.

Printable Posters

Download these informational posters to show your support for education in Rwanda.

It Starts Today

It Starts Today is a story of good development work, done with dignity, through local churches that empower women with a hand-up. This multi-part activity starts “out there” in the world, then moves into your home and ends in your own neighbourhood when you and your child respond to the community’s needs.

Photo of It Starts Today book

*NOTE: This item is not applicable as a donation and that you will not receive a donation receipt.

It Starts Today Book Reading

Share this short short story, read by author Gordon Brew, with your campers (Runtime: 7 min 18 sec)

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