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We are SENT as God’s people living up to and into the call to be disciples in a world of disparity and injustice.

Be SENT out and challenge yourself to immerse, serve and learn in another culture. Experience how to truly embrace what you believe.

Be SENT back ready to become an advocate and put faith into action in your own community.

What does it mean to be SENT?

CBM is pleased to announce the launch of our SENT program, which provides Canadians with a global discipleship experience that offers an overseas trip and opportunities to put their faith into action home. The SENT program is the relaunch of our short-term mission program. We are excited about the new direction of our global discipleship program, as it will increase benefits to the communities we serve around the world as well as Canadian churches.

Adrian Gardner, who is leading the SENT program, explains the new direction this way: “We are on mission from the time we first meet Jesus until we meet him in person. We are ‘sent’ people who are called to live a life of mission. An international SENT trip can be part of this life-long journey. We see this in three parts: First, participants receive training on biblical mission and cultural intelligence. Second, they are sent to the field to serve, learn and grow alongside local communities and churches. Third, they are sent back – returning to their home church to continue their work of mission.”

Says CBM Executive Director Terry Smith, “Adrian is well experienced to lead the SENT program. His life was changed through participating in international missions as an Atlantic Baptist pastor whose church was very committed to the work and ministry of CBM.”

Canadian Baptists have been serving in international mission since 1874 when the first missionaries were sent to India. Today, CBM partners with local churches around the world to bring hope, healing and reconciliation through word and deed. The SENT program continues this legacy of mission by inviting participants to reshape their world by growing deeper in their understanding and experience of global realities.

For more information on the SENT program, please contact Adrian Gardner at agardner@cbmin.org

Current SENT Experiences

SENT Trip – Lebanon June 2018

Your time in Lebanon will include attendance at the conference, ministry visits with our partner including the Syrian refugee relief efforts, and visits to sites of cultural and historical signi cance. You will see God at work in and through His church in Lebanon.


Typically, a cross-cultural experience in Thailand involves one week visiting different ministries in Northern Thailand and Myanmar and one week participating (along with the students from Bethel Bible Institute) in evangelistic visits in the mountainous regions of Thailand.

Estimated Cost: $3000/person


Canadian teams in Kenya have opportunity to work with our partners the Africa Brotherhood Church and the African Christian Church and Schools. Youth and adults are also invited to come to Kamp Tumaini as counselors.  Watch for more information on this for 2018.

Estimated Cost: $3800-$4000


Canadian groups work with our partner the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and have opportunity to participate in varied ministry throughout the country. This includes construction projects, children’s ministry, seminary training and the various ministries of local churches.

Estimated Cost: $3500/person


Canadian teams have opportunity to be part of ministry with our partner, The Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba (FIBAC). This could include maintenance/construction, camp ministry, and partnering with the various ministries of local churches.

Estimated Cost: $2500/person

Ways to be SENT

  • Ministry and Construction Projects: These projects focus on providing assistance to local church initiatives or construction projects. These trips are most suitable for Canadian church teams.
  • Mission Education Teams: These teams visit our field staff and national church partners to gain a greater understanding of mission in a global setting and building relationships with church leaders.
  • Specialized Teams: CBM receives requests from our national church partners for small short-term teams to fill a specific need. These include pastors, teachers or other professionals.
  • Individuals: Aside from group short-term teams, we also send individuals out for up to two years to work with field staff and national church partners in either direct ministry assignments or indirect support roles. Please note, individuals applying for these types of trips must have had at least one previous international short-term experience.

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