About Joe Bridi

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Joe Bridi works with CBM’s local partners to develop strategies for ministry and provide support to graduates of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary who are launching ministries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. He helps monitor and evaluate existing projects, and provides implementation and reporting support for specific initiatives. Born and raised in Lebanon, Joe has a background in the tech sector, but has felt a strong call to be in full-time ministry over the past several years. He has a heart for people and serves Syrian refugees in his area by leading Bible studies and discipleship groups.

Joe is married to Alexandra. They have two young boys, Jad and Rami.

Joe Bridi – Lebanon Update


Lebanon Field Staff Joe Bridi shares updates on the ministry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Joe Bridi – Lebanon Update2021-09-23T14:24:33-04:00

Bridi Ministry Update August 2020


Little did we know by the beginning of this year what to expect, so many of our plans were altered due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The way we do church and ministry have seen a drastic change, and though at first glance things looked negative, we thank God for the opportunities he has given us to care for the needs of the most needy and vulnerable in our communities.

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Bridi Ministry Update April 2020


Ministry Update April 2020 BY | | min read BY | min read Greetings from Lebanon Thank you for following my news. In

Bridi Ministry Update April 20202021-09-01T17:50:01-04:00