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BY Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin | March 31, 2023 | min read

BY Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin|March 31, 2023

min read

Where Faith Meets Work

Have you ever had an event that you were building towards for a long time? That is what happened to us last December when our CBM Africa Team hosted the Africa Vennture Conference. But first, let me rewind the tape briefly.

In 2020, when the world was brought to a halt by COVID-19, CBM decided it would be a good time for all of its staff to go through a video series about integrating faith and work, led by Dr. R. Paul Stevens. For several years, a few CBM staff had been focused on this task, but the time was right to bring everyone on board. Following that, the CBM Africa team felt led to continue learning about this together. So, we committed to completing a five-course certificate together through the Institute for Marketplace Transformation. (We are currently on course #4.) We not only wanted to grow personally, but we also had a desire to find a way to give our African partners an opportunity to learn these important biblical truths in a way that is culturally fitting.

Two years ago, in early 2021, my CBM colleagues Gato, Carla and I were given the assignment of creating a curriculum on integrating our faith and work, shaped specifically for our African partners. It took a lot of effort, but by late last year the curriculum called Integral Mission in the Workplace was completed. Then, in December, the moment came when we were able to present it to our East African partners to see if it might be of interest and benefit to them. From December 10-15, we met at a centre north of Kigali where we introduced participants from the five partners to the curriculum. Understandably, for us there was a degree of uncertainty, knowing that all the effort could have been in vain if there was not an openness to it or a desire to grow in this way. Thankfully, even by the end of the first day, it was clear that the openness and desire were both being expressed by all of those present.

As the conference came to a close on day three, there was a consensus amongst all the partners to pursue further training with the full curriculum. Their desire is to be trained in order to use the material with their own pastors and church members. We came away praising God for the spirit of unity at the conference and the willingness of everyone to wrestle through a deeper understanding of the integral mission to which God has called us all. And we are excited as the Africa team works hand-in-hand with Vennture (CBM’s initiative in integrating faith and work) in developing what that further training will look like in 2023. If, like our African brothers and sisters, you are interested in learning more about how our faith meets our work, here is a good place to start: You can also find information on Facebook under

Where Faith Meets Practical Support

Another amazing thing that happened in December. We were able to witness once again God’s faithful provision to us in 2022 through the loving commitment of many individuals and church families. Each year we have to trust that the Lord will provide what is needed so that we can continue serving internationally. 2022 marked our 20th year with CBM and he hasn’t failed us yet. Since we were able to be back in Canada on home assignment last year, we were able to express our gratitude to many of you face-to-face for the practical way you show your support through financial gifts. But, of course, we didn’t get to see everyone. So we want to make sure that every single one of our supporters hears this: THANK YOU! May God reward you for your commitment, sacrifice and faith that has expressed itself in such practical ways. If you do not yet support us and are interested in investigating the possibility, please contact Barb Keys in the CBM office ( or 1-905-821-3533). We know that she would be happy to help.

The Power Centre: Connecting Thru Prayer

Reasons to Praise:
  • Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for all that happened at the Africa Vennture Conference in December. There was warmth and excitement as team members from the different partners were reunited. And everyone had such a tremendous desire to learn and grow together. It was a wonderful time!
  • We are grateful for the many people and churches who chose to partner with us financially over this past year. We literally could not be here doing what we are doing if it wasn’t for our faithful supporters. Because of you, we were able to finish 2022 in a strong position financially. So instead of resources being a burden for us as we engage in ministry, it is a source of encouragement. Thank you so much!
Ongoing Prayer Items:
  • Several of our East African partners are in places facing serious issues. In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rebel group called M23 has launched a new offensive of terror and violence. There have also been destructive demonstrations recently within the provincial capital city, Goma. This presents great challenges for our partners there, the CBCA and the CEBCE. Additionally, the relations between DR Congo and neighbouring Rwanda have become very strained. Over in South Sudan, flooding, drought and the devastation of many years of war combine to create a humanitarian crisis, one in which our partner, FEBAC, seeks to be used by God in ways big and small.
  • It is difficult for us to be far from family when there are a number of challenges being faced. Pray that we might have strength and wisdom – and also give thanks for all the ways that the internet allow us to stay connected with everyone.
  • SENT teams of Canadian volunteers have begun again, which is great news. Pray for those (like Laura Lee) who are working hard to organize and facilitate these experiences in order for them to have a positive impact on everyone involved, both in Canada and Rwanda.

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