Work as Worship: Service Resources


Work as Worship Service Resources Inspire and motivate your church members to reflect God’s image through creative and innovative daily work. Through these resources, Vennture supports you as you mobilize every person in your congregation to join God’s redemptive mission in the world through work.

Work as Worship: Service Resources2022-09-14T11:31:59-04:00

Solidarity Sunday 2022


To say 'Thank You!' for all the amazing work that, you,  our Canadian church partners do, we've put together a brand new Solidarity Sunday for 2022. This service and it's parts are completely free to download and use however you like as part of your church gatherings.

Solidarity Sunday 20222022-07-28T12:00:20-04:00

A Thrill of Hope


We at CBM are grateful for you and your church. We know it’s been a difficult season, and so we wanted to offer you a gift- a prerecorded online service for you to use on Sunday Dec 26th or Jan 2nd. We hope this will give you a much needed break, and be a gift to you and your church.

A Thrill of Hope2021-12-14T15:10:42-05:00