In India, climate change has brought record-breaking heat waves, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius for days on end.
These unprecedented temperatures meant that some states cancelled school, since travelling to the classroom in high heat put a strain on students’ physical health. These changing weather patterns have also brought floods and landslides. A recent flood in Assam affected more than 1.8 million people, with almost 3,000 villages impacted by the floods, forcing over 100,000 people to take shelter at relief camps. Floods also affected many more homes and crops in areas of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha – where many of the Soura people’s homes and fields were destroyed-Telangana, Bihar, Chattisgarh, and many other states in India.

The India team continues to respond as best as we can to the many needs across the country, and we are working with the Soura Baptists to provide relief in flooded areas. We continue to support empowering our local church partners toward sustainable development, promoting local discipleship, addressing the needs of marginalized women through empowerment programming and also educational support for children falling behind in their schooling.

Suraj Komaravalli,

CBM Team Lead, India