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“I was not prepared for what I saw after so much violence and sorrow”

CBM Team Leader, Andre Sibomana

Matching Appeal

February 2022

The majority of the world’s small-scale farmers struggle with deteriorating soil, poor seeds, changing climate conditions and for some, the added threat of conflict and civil war. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have only compounded their challenges. In 2022, the alarm bells are warning that millions more people will be pushed into deeper poverty and hunger, reversing years of development gains.

Will you stand with me in feeding the hungry?

Every gift given in response to this letter will be matched by the Canadian Government through the Foodgrains Bank, as well as a good friend of CBM who faithfully supports our work. This matching opportunity means doubling your gift 1:1, with some programs receiving as much as a 4:1 match. Your gift will give hope to the hungry in places such as South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Lebanon.

Thank you for remembering the needs of the world’s vulnerable amidst the challenges of this time.

In faithful service,

Jordan Webber,
CBM Board President