Pray with Brenda Halk

HI friends and ministry partners, My name is Brenda Halk, and I serve as a senior associate for Vennture, CBM’s faith and work department.

Integrating faith with work in the world is a key part of whole-life Christian discipleship. As we just celebrated Labour Day yesterday, today our prayers turn to work, workers and the workplace. God worked; he designed us to work, and he invites us to work in his creation so that humans will thrive, grow and flourish. We all work. Whether paid or unpaid, we work. At home, at school as a volunteer, in a business, trade, profession or farm, we all work: Even children work as they play, grow and learn.

Pray for CBM staff and partners around the world, for the people in your own church and community, and for your own work. God has blessed us with the gift of work. May all our work be done in faith, hope and love.

Col 3:23 Pray that we would see all of our work as “unto the Lord”.

May all our work be done in faith, hope and love.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:


  • We thank God for work, paid and unpaid, menial and meaningful, for the chance to participate in stewarding his creation.
  • Pray for those who are unemployed, underemployed, too ill to work or whose work is uncertain.  Pray for someone you know who is looking for work.


  • Pray for those workers whose work brings us comfort and refreshment in a weary world, healthcare workers, caregivers, homemakers, volunteers and parents. Pray for strength as they serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • Pray for workers who work in business, the trades, professions and those whose work engages them in the marketplace each day. May they know and experience God’s presence in their daily work.
  • Pray for farmers, fishermen, gardeners and all those whose work stewards God’s creation and provides nourishment and food for our bodies.
  • Pray for day workers in CBM’s partners in Africa, India, Latin America, the Philippines and Canada that they would receive fair and equitable wages.


  • Pray for safe and supportive workplaces. Places free of inequity, harassment, abuse, exploitation and unjust conditions.
  • Pray that all workplaces would be opportunities for people of faith to demonstrate the gospel to their customers, co-workers, supervisors, and bosses, through their work.

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