Pray with Polisi Kivava

Hello, Friends. This is Polisi Kivava Baudouin, National Field Staff in charge of relief and development work among CBM partners in Africa.

Let me first of all express my gratitude for your support and prayers. We need also, together, to thank God for answering them. We prayed for the new projects launched this year and they have all started successfully. We were somehow worried about rain shortage during the last two seasons in Kenya, but God has answered and the farmers are expecting a good harvest.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • The first one is the increasing tension between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, following the invasion of part of the DRC by rebels. Let us pray for wisdom for the leaders of both countries so that they may look for peace rather than victory.
  • Let us pray for the thousands of displaced people, who had to leave all they had behind and have to live in inhuman conditions without knowing when they will go back to their homes. They are exposed to climate hardships, hunger and all types of diseases. Children and elderly people are the most affected.
  • The other challenge is the recurrent floods in South Sudan, which lead also to the displacement of people, who have to depend on donations while their fields and homes are covered with water. Let us pray for all people of goodwill, who are providing assistance so that they may find the appropriate way to find sustainable solutions.

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