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BY | August 23, 2023 | min read

BY|August 23, 2023

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Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ! I pray and hope that you are keeping well and safe, as well as your loved ones. It is a real summer here in Rwanda and I hope it is the same in Canada as well. This is a time of harvesting grains and fruit. It is also a season for social activities such weddings and outdoor evangelism events. On a spiritual side, it is a time of gratitude and thanksgiving. I hope that this weather is warming you up both spiritually and physically.

Ministry/Project Update:

As you may have heard, the process of my visa application was delayed and my trip that was scheduled for last May was rescheduled. As I write, I was asked by the embassy to send my passport. This gives me hope that very soon I will hear the good news that my visa is granted. One of the key reasons for my travel to Canada was to attend the Team Leaders Retreat and visit your churches. As a Plan B, it was arranged for me to participate in the Retreat remotely via zoom. I thank God that the technology was available to help me do that.

Training on Integral Mission in the Workplace was recently arranged and conducted. My role was mostly coordinating all the activities while my colleagues Gato, Darrell and Brenda, facilitated three modules of an adapted Faith and Work integration curriculum for about 35 people who came from CBM partners in DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and South Sudan alongside CBM’s Africa Team. We are all excited to learn how to be a church, both gathered (on Sunday) and scattered (from Monday to Saturday), and learn how God invites us to live our faith wherever we are in our professional career or workplace. The second session of that curriculum will be facilitated in October.

In May, I was blessed to be with a group of theological students from Canada who were on a praxis trip in Kenya to learn about the effects of climate change and how it is affecting the food security situation in Africa. They were able to see what the church is doing to mitigate these effects by helping the small holder farmers be more resilient in their farming practices.

We are grateful to the Canadian Churches who support these food security initiatives in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, and DR Congo.

Family Update:

The school academic year is winding down with my two youngest girls, Benitha and Laura, coming back home from boarding school. The middle one, Marie Therese, is getting ready for the National Exam to finish high school and join Aaron and Princess in University. Therese is keeping well with the new local church, and the church is growing steadily.

Prayer Requests:

As you hold us in your prayers, please keep in mind these events:

  • The Africa Team Retreat (July 26-31)
  • Organizational Peer Capacity assessment with one denomination, CEBCE, in DR Congo (August 22-24)
  • Trip to Togo and Liberia (September 2-7)
  • Trip To Juba, in South Sudan to coordinate the Africa Youth Peace Initiative (September 30 – October 4)
  • Second session for the Integral Mission in the workplace trainings (October 19-21)

Closing Greetings:

Thank you again for your generosity and faithfulness. Your prayers and financial contributions to CBM’s work in Africa encourage the local churches that are on the frontlines combating poverty and other forms of social injustices. 

May God Keep You. May God give you Peace. May God bless the work of your hands.

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