Support Global Entrepreneurs

As partners, Vennture and Flourish Financial share a common vision of alleviating poverty one business at a time. By purchasing a Flourish Financial share valued at $1000 through Vennture you are providing access to loan capital for global entrepreneurs.

Important Information Before Purchasing

You will not receive a charitable tax receipt for purchasing a share. If you are looking to make a charitable donation to support Vennture’s work, you may do so by clicking here.

Vennture – Flourish Financial Shares

To help sustain the day-to-day operation of Flourish Financial, a $100 administrative fee is added to the purchase of your first $1000 share. If this is your first share purchase please choose the first share option. If this is an additional share please choose the Additional Shares options as any additional shares purchased will not be charged this fee.

Our quarterly email will guide you in integrating your faith and your work so that all the hours of your life can be infused with meaning and make a kingdom impact, no matter what you’re doing.


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