About Elie and Mireille Haddad

Elie and Mireille Haddad joined CBM in 2005 and serve with CBM as Team Leaders for the Middle East and North Africa region. They help the team reach organizational ends by directing, coaching, and empowering our Field Staff, assisting our national partners in our shared objectives. The Haddads promote their sphere of ministry both overseas and in Canada, and they help shape the future agenda for the ministry.

In addition, Elie serves as President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon. ABTS equips leaders for the Church in the entire Arabic-speaking world. Students come from as far west as Morocco and as far east as Iraq. Mireille also serves with ABTS, tutoring online courses.

Both Elie and Mireille grew up in Lebanon before immigrating to Canada. Elie was a senior technical consultant in information technology before he and Mireille joined CBM.

Haddad Ministry Update May 2023


Dear ministry partners, while life in Lebanon is getting more and more complicated, it still serves as a strategic gateway for ministry in the Arab world and as a launching pad for training leaders for the Church in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We are grateful for the role that God is giving us in coming alongside the churches in the region as we equip faithful men and women for ministry. We are also grateful for you, our partners, as together we get to fulfill God’s mandate for this part of the world.

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Pray with the Haddads


Dear friends and ministry partners, Mireille and I serve in Lebanon at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS). Our region continues to suffer from one crisis after another, the latest being the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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Pray with Elie Haddad


Mireille and I serve in Lebanon. I am the President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) and Mireille tutors students in our online program. The ministry of ABTS is quite unique in the Arab world. Because of the freedom of religion that we still enjoy in Lebanon, we are able to train Church leaders for the entire Arab world (Middle East and North Africa) no matter the ethnic or religious background of the students. We are grateful for the continued opportunities to serve God alongside the Arab Church despite the increased difficulties of operating a ministry in Lebanon.

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Middle East and North Africa


Our home of Lebanon continues to face multiple converging crises – severe financial instability, COVID-19, and the lingering impact of the August 4, 2020, Beirut port explosion – all of which have come on top of the Syrian refugee crisis and have contributed to high levels of food insecurity, unemployment, and hyperinflation across the

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