Bill & Janice Dyck

Serving in Bolivia

Bill and Janice Dyck have been serving in Bolivia with CBM’s oldest partner, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB), since June of 2017.  The Dycks worked with CBM from 1999 to 2013. They were Global Field Staff in Indonesia for 11 years, training and mentoring pastors, students and church leaders. After returning to Canada in 2010, Bill took on the role of CBM’s Western Canada Manager, engaging with churches to promote and support global discipleship initiatives. Before joining CBM for a second time in 2016, Bill served as the Associate and then Interim Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church in Calgary.

The Dycks bring with them significant pastoral experience in churches ranging from a church plant to a multi-staff congregation.  They also have extensive experience in theological education and in teaching music. They are now applying their experience through their service in Bolivia. Janice has been teaching music to vulnerable children in the “red light” district of Cochabamba and taking part in the worship team at their local church. Bill has been helping to organize support for pastors through a ministry called Pastoring of Pastors, in addition to teaching and guest speaking. Both participate in other CBM integral mission initiatives in Bolivia as needed.  As a seasoned couple with experience in a wide range of ministry contexts, the Dycks are an excellent resource to the UBB.

Bill and Janice have an adult son, daughter and son-in-law who remain in Canada cheering them on as they serve in their second overseas posting, in Bolivia.



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Bill and Janice Dyck

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Bill and Janice Dyck serve in Bolivia with CBM’s oldest partner, Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB). The Dycks help to equip and mentor UBB’s leaders especially in understanding integral mission and putting it into practice. As the Dycks prepare for home assignment, please pray that they will be allowed to be away from Bolivia for over three months without losing their visa status and that plans will fall into place for their September visit to Canada. Pray for Bill as he leads a workshop at the Baptist World Peace Conference in Cali, Colombia on July 15-20. Pray for the National Pastoring of Pastors retreat at the


Bruno and Kathleen Soucy and the Bolivia team

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Pray for Yuanchuan Ye and Ming Gao who are serving with CBM in Germany as part of the Chinese Ministries team


The passing of Janice Dyck’s father

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We are mourning the passing of our colleague Janice Dyck's father this past week. Janice has returned home to Canada to be with family. Please hold her and their family in your prayers during this time. Please also pray for the Field Staff team in Bolivia as the continue our work in Bolivia without Janice for the next two weeks.


A Warm Welcome

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We’re here! Finally! In Bolivia! Or maybe I should say “We’re home!” In Mexico, I learned of the phrase “Mi casa su casa – my home is your home.” People often say this upon entering their home. So I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised when the Bolivians, quite intentionally, welcomed us with a balloon that said “Welcome home.” Their home is now our home and we have received a very warm welcome. The weather has not been as warm as expected but the welcome by representatives of the whole team of people we’ll be working with


More Good News! We’re Almost There!

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Are we there yet? This seems to be a common refrain when nearing a destination. Children are certainly fond of this question while trying to be patient in the back seat. The typical answer intended to stretch their patience just a little further is, “We’re almost there…almost there.” “We’re almost there” would pretty much describe where we are at in our journey toward being in Bolivia as Global Field Staff. Our journey to Bolivia began on April 22nd, 2016, when we were officially accepted as CBM GFS. Now, after nearly a year, we’re almost there. Almost Done Visiting

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