September 17, 2018


Mississauga, Ontario – Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of National Field Staff André Sibomana as Africa Deputy Team Leader, effective immediately. In this role, André will work alongside CBM’s African church partners to determine and accomplish shared objectives, as well as provide support to the Africa Team Leaders by helping to coach and empower our Global Field Staff. He will also support Canadian church partnerships and facilitate SENT trips, which provide Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experiences.

André brings to this role a strong understanding of the cultural context of poverty, ethnic groups, and church life and growth. His expertise will be invaluable in creating effective strategies for CBM’s ministry throughout the continent.

André first joined CBM in 2011 as the Integral Mission Coordinator, supporting short-term mission trips to Rwanda. This gave him the opportunity to educate both Rwandans and Canadians about sharing the love of God through word and deed. In 2015, he became the Director of Community Development for the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). His work involved managing joint projects between CBM and the AEBR – including Guardians of Hope, Children and Youth at Risk, and food security initiatives. Prior to this, he worked in partnership with CBM while serving in various roles on the AEBR development team.

Says John Chan, CBM’s Director of International Partnerships, “André has consistently demonstrated his deep desire and passion to share God’s love in word and deed, to encourage others to excel in their work, and to build strong networks and relationships with a wide range of people and partners. He is always willing to accept a new challenge and does so with a servant heart. We have watched André grow into leadership duties, giving himself in service of the AEBR and the Rwandan people. Our entire CBM family is excited that André is taking this next step to provide an African voice to the strategic leadership of our ministries in the region.”

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