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BY Gato Munyamasoko | April 21, 2023 | min read

BY Gato Munyamasoko|April 21, 2023

min read


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings from Rwanda!

I take this occasion to thank you for your support in the ministry of peace and reconciliation. This promising ministry is only possible with your partnership.

Ministry/Project Update

I work alongside our partners in the DRC among our two partners CBCA and CEBCE, and the AEBR in Rwanda in the Peace and Reconciliation Ministry.

In CEBCE, 82 Youth and 17 Ecclesiatic Presidents have received training in this important ministry. Also, 92 CEBCE’ pastors in the Bulengo refugee camp in the DRC near Goma, received training on how to break the cycle of violence.

I was honoured to be recently nominated by the All Africa Conference of Churches to be part of the Human Rights Award committee.

Family Update

Greetings From my spouse and my seven children!

Three of my children have completed their bachelor’s degrees this year and they are seeking employment. Two of them are starting their university studies while the youngest is still in high school where another one is now working after graduating last year.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for the Peace in Eastern Congo where our Ministry is based.
  • Pray for the target groups for the training so that once they finish, they will be a catalyst of peace in their region.
  • Pray also for continuity of training in the CBCA for 80 youth

May our Lord continue to give you the strength you need spiritually, physically, and financially. All the best!

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