CBM 150

This year’s Kids Care – Celebrating 150 Years – is a five-lesson children’s resource reflecting our 150 year legacy in Canadian Baptist mission together. Kids will explore five key concept words: Witness, Presence, Justice, Builders, and Compassion. These are a selection from the associated 150 Reflecting Light inspired words with insights that take us further into our shared Baptist identity found at CABA150.ca.

The curriculum includes fun activities, crafts and games, Bible lessons, stories and fundraising suggestions that will encourage your children’s group to expand their notion of community in the world and be moved to action.

We would love for your children’s ministry to throw a birthday party to celebrate CBM’s 150 Anniversary!  Why not invite your whole church to attend?  In each lesson there are ideas of how you might also raise $150 in support of CBM’s projects that you’ll learn about in each lesson.  Perhaps those who attend the party will bring a gift and help you meet the goal!?

Funds can designated to “Kids Care 2024” and mailed to:
Canadian Baptist Ministries
7185 Millcreek Dr.
Mississauga, ON
L5N 5R4

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