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BY Lewis and Felain Lam | June 13, 2023 | min read

BY Lewis and Felain Lam|June 13, 2023

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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Your ongoing prayers and financial contributions have meant a lot to us over the last nine years. We are not doing this work alone. Thanks for your partnership and support.

Family Update:

  • We met our sponsoring churches and donors during the one-month ministry sharing in Hong Kong. In addition, we got to visit Lewis’ relatives, whom we hadn’t seen in six years. 
  • By God’s mercy, we “have survived” the hay fever season from March through May. 
  • Our son Caleb has completed his second year at university. His summer research project and summer intensive course have already begun.

Ministry/Project Update:

A Look Back at Our Nine Years in Kassel!

Since 2014, we have been pastoring two cities – Göttingen and Kassel. The ministry in Kassel officially transferred to a new missionary in 2023. Thus, we thought we’d take the time to review and summarize God’s work in Kassel in the past 9 years. Our spiritual friendship with Kassel began as early as 2012-2013 when we participated in short-term missions. At that time, there was no missionary stationed in Kassel.

2014-15 The Period of Struggle: After graduation, more than 90% of students left because they could not find a job and our meeting attendance fluctuated a lot. At the time, the foundation of their faith was shallow, and many life problems had yet to be addressed. In 2015, Kassel began monthly onsite worship, sermons, adult Sunday school, weekly Bible study for the professional youth group, and monthly Bible study for the family group.

2016-18 The Period of Growth: Changes in life brought forth a spiritual renewal! In these 3 years, Kassel achieved the highest number of converts, the fastest growth in believers’ spiritual maturity, and the broadest involvement of Christians leading their family members to Christ. Since 2016, worship has been increased to twice a month. The Children’s Sunday School launched in 2017. Kassel had large-scale outreach events with 70-100 people in attendance. We provided a variety of training and courses to help believers grow holistically. 

2019-2022 The Bottleneck Period: 2018-19 was the most intense period for Gospel work in both Kassel and Göttingen, with 50+ people gathering in two places. Both cities had opportunities and potential for further development. Yet the long-term ministry of the two cities had consumed a lot of our energy and attention. For the sake of overall health and for a more sustainable ministry direction, we proposed to invite another missionary to undertake the work of one city.

In this waiting period, by God’s grace, we continued to offer pastoral work for two churches during the three years of the pandemic. Praise the Lord. CBM confirmed the relocation of the Yes family to take over the work in Kassel from 2023. 

 Ministry summary:

  • Number of converts: 33 in Kassel + 25 family members in China led to conversion by church members
  • Number of baptized: 21 believers
  • Number of turnovers: about 40 adults and 5 children moved to other cities or returned to China

Since our first short-term missions to Kassel, we’ve known some believers for more than ten years. We’ve accompanied them through different stages and challenges in life and witnessed personal changes and ministry development in Kassel. We were blessed to know brothers and sisters of different generations. We walked alongside many and experienced the gratitude and concerns praying for their spiritual lives; the tears and exhortation when they fell; the worry and sorrow when they were seriously ill and when they left the city; and the passion and urgency when we prayed together for fellowship members and faith seekers. These were the “blood and tears” shed aside from regular ministry development – a true connection with lives and friendships. We are thankful to be able to walk through the ups and downs of their faith journeys and to witness the grace of the Lord. We cherish these spiritual friendships. Letting go is with reluctance; letting go is also a spiritual lesson of faith! Kassel Fellowship will enter a new chapter, may the Lord bless you greatly as the light for the community!

Prayer Requests:

  • Follow-up Mentorship, Faith Seekers: Last December, there were eight newly converted. Although the follow-up mentorship group had started, four new believers had to leave Göttingen due to work internships or returned to China. May God continue to guide their spiritual growth. 
  • May 26-28 Joint Retreat for Göttingen, Kassel, and Marburg: The theme is “Heartfelt Connections”. Pray that the believers from these three cities will further their spiritual connection, renew their fellowship, strengthen their unity, and encourage more heartfelt sharing of life/spiritual experiences.
  • Please remember our family: May God’s grace be with us and grant us health. May we pay close attention to God’s leadership and the Spirit’s guidance. Pray that the Lord gives Caleb health and wisdom to handle his work and study, and bless his spiritual growth in Christ.   

May God bless you and grant you a refreshing and relaxing summer. Have a blessed spiritual journey with our Lord.

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