About Lewis and Felain Lam

Lewis and Felain were appointed as CBM Strategic Associates in 2012 to join the work of CBM in Germany with a local organization, Forum für Mission unter Chinesen in Deutschland (FMCD). The Lams’ ministry is in the cities of Göttingen and Kassel. The team ministers to the many Chinese students studying in German universities, introducing the gospel message to these future professionals who return home upon graduation.

The Lams grew up in Hong Kong in Buddhist families, but both attended Christian public schools. They came to Canada as students and encountered Jesus through friends and relatives. Lewis served at Wismer Baptist Church in Ontario as the Cantonese pastor. Before that, he worked as a computer programmer. Felain worked as a licensed therapist and educational program developer after serving as the Assistant Pastor at Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church.

The Lams departed for Germany in 2014 with their son, Caleb.

Pray with the Lams


Dear Friends of Canadian Baptist Ministries, We extend warm greetings to all of you today. My name is Lewis, and Felain. We have been on a mission in Germany, reaching out to the Chinese diaspora community.

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Pray with the Lams


Dear Friends of Canadian Baptist Ministries, Thank you for your support throughout these years. It is great to share our prayer items with you. We are Lewis and Felain. We are serving in Germany to reach out to the Chinese diaspora.

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Lewis and Felain Lam Ministry Update January 2023


Dear Pastors, Prayer Warriors, and Supporters, Peace in the Lord! Greetings from Germany to our brothers and sisters in Canada. We hope you had a refreshing Christmas and New Year break. We remember each of you in Canada. We ask the Lord to grant peace and keep everyone safe, especially in extreme weather and snowstorms. The following is the ministry newsletter for the last quarter of 2022.

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Lam Ministry Update August 2022


Providing support to other meeting places: Germany has been short of Chinese missionaries for a long time. In addition to the churches that we currently nurture, we also provide support to Bible Study Classes that are not led by pastors. Please pray that the Lord will keep us safe during our travel, so we may be a blessing to others. Online Ministry: Thanks to the Lord as the online platforms can overcome geographical restrictions. This allowed us to provide training to overseas Chinese missionaries, and to share our visions and missionary work with different churches.

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Pray with the Lams


Please pray for physical and emotional health during the pandemic. The number of cases in Germany may reach a new peak in February. Please pray for the ministry in Göttingen and Kassel. Lastly, please remember our family and pray for our well-being.

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