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BY Lewis and Felain Lam | May 25, 2022 | min read

BY Lewis and Felain Lam|May 25, 2022

min read

“He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.”

Colossians 1:28, NIV:

Post-pandemic Germany & Ministry

The Covid-19 safety protocols in various states within Germany were gradually lessened since the beginning of March. The Chinese community, in general, continued to follow all the safety measures, though many still became infected. However, this did not stop the residents and believers from going on vacations during the Easter holidays. Life, in general, returned to “normal.” However, the post-pandemic economy was greatly impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war.

There has been inflation in consumer goods and gasoline. The inflation rate from March to April increased to 7.4%. The Russia-Ukraine War also caused an exodus of Ukrainian women and children to Germany. According to the federal and state education and culture ministry, the schools in Germany can accept a maximum of 400,000 children and provide them with the residence. Some mainstream churches have been proactively assisting refugees in their settlement and hosting worship and Bible study classes in Ukrainian. We have two believers who visited a local Chinese church involved in refugee work in Warsaw, Poland. They informed us of the needs and situations of refugees and how we can meaningfully contribute to the needs in resources and prayers. May the Lord guide the next wave of refugee evangelical ministry in Germany.

After more than two years into the pandemic, believers’ willingness to gather and worship in person and their passion for evangelical work need to be revived. Thus, the post-pandemic ministry focus will be on evangelism and the strengthening of believers.

Starting this year, we will break ground and launch the student outreach in Göttingen with different monthly outreach activities. We hope to reach out to friends interested in learning more about our faith to promote relational evangelism. In Kassel, we will strengthen those involved in the ministry by equipping them with training and more opportunities to serve. We will encourage brothers and sisters to step up on the ministry journey.

Ministry Briefing & Prayer Requests

  • Thanksgiving: New Believers/Joint Baptism:
    Among the new students who joined us in October last year, 3 of them decided to accept Christ after half a year of seeking and learning. In mid-May, Göttingen & Kassel will have joint baptisms. Please pray that God will strengthen the new believers’ faith with a “no turning back” mindset to fully devote themselves and follow the Lord in their lifelong journey.
  •   Chinese New Year Gala (Outreach): On January 28th and 29th, we hosted the galas in Göttingen & Kassel respectively in a joyful and grateful atmosphere. We give thanks to God as there were newcomers to join the meetings. Some of them also participated in follow-up outreach activities and Bible studies.
  • March 26th Outreach – Hannover Animal Day Trip;
  • April 23rd- Leeks Picking: Our Father prepared such beautiful weather for these two outreach activities for us. This gave us good opportunities to connect and get to know the seekers and believers who participated in these activities.
  • Please pray for our monthly outreach activities:
    Barbecue in May; hiking in June; fruit picking in July. Pray that God will help us to connect with more new friends and families through various outreach activities.
  • German Chinese Church Easter Worship & Revival Meeting: The physical and online meetings have
    been successfully held from April 15 to 17. We give thanks to God for bringing Pastor Leung Ka-Lun (Honorary Dean of Hong Kong Alliance Bible Seminary) to Germany as the theme speaker who helped to enlighten the believers’ spiritual life.
  • The growth of second-generation workshop (mental & spiritual): From March to July, we host a monthly zoom meeting for 5 sessions in total. The series is opened to 5 cities: Göttingen, Kassel, Marburg, Heidelberg and Hannover. More than 50 families (believers and non-believers) signed up for the course. It reflects the eagerness of parents to learn about this topic. May God bless the parents with wisdom and perseverance, so they may influence with life testimonies, and raise the children in truth, thus guiding them to the Lord, and bringing Glory to God as a family. Chinese New Year
    • June FMCD Pastoral Retreat: Please pray that the Chinese missionaries in Germany experience spiritual connections and quiet time with God. Especially during this post-pandemic era, may the Lord bless the pastoral staff with wisdom
    from above, so we know how to expand God’s kingdom in Germany and shepherd the congregations effectively.
    • August 4-7th All-German Co-workers’ Training Camp: Theme: Serving in Unity.
    Pray that the in-person camp can be held smoothly. With a significant shortage of resources, we pray that God will equip and
    bless the laymen leaders in various regions.
    • Pray for our family: God led Felain to return safely to Germany in early March. Please continue to pray for Lewis and Felain’s
    physical and spiritual health. May God grant us sufficient grace and wisdom to lead the churches in two cities. We give thanks to God
    for blessing Caleb during the transition period of studying and living in Canada. He has completed his first year of university studies. May God guide Caleb in his summer courses and arrangement of time to serve God in the Fall term. We usually meet online when we were separated in 3 places!


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