Pray for Suraj Komaravalli


Almighty and everlasting God, we praise and thank you for your grace that is always sufficient for us.

We pray for continuous wisdom, knowledge and attention to hear your voice so that we would move and minister according to your leading.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many difficult situations in India and we pray especially for those on the margins as they still struggle with debts, loss of jobs, loss of business, chaos, uncertainty, depression and loneliness. Give us the strength O Lord, that CBM, through the local churches, could continue to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and bring hope in their brokenness.

We thank you for faithful donors, prayer partners and well-wishers, who have a special heart for the ministry in India. We pray that you would bless them and their families immensely.

We look to  you lead us well in partnership with the local Indian churches in our endeavor to empower and transform the lives of the poor widows and small children attending tutoring classes in the Soura community. We pray for community acceptance of the girls who were rescued from human trafficking in Kolkata. We seek your direction in the ministerial formation of young students as they train to be pastors and leaders in the Oriya, Soura, Naga and Telugu Baptist churches. We also pray for the many unemployed Mising and Ao Naga youth and women – that through the Faith + Work initiatives they may see opportunities and success to sustain themselves.

We remember the leadership of our India partners and seek your blessings upon their ministerial plans and goals. We particularly pray for Oriya Baptists as they elect a new body of leaders.

We pray for an opportunity to be vaccinated and protected from COVID-19 so that we may continue to minister with good health and sound mind, especially during my travel to the field areas where local partners are located.

In the many fields where my CBM colleagues serve in different and difficult situations around the world, we ask for your continued blessing as we all together work to bring shalom in the name of Jesus.

O Lord we put forward our supplications at your feet and seek your mercy.  Be with us and help us.  In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

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