Pray with André Sibomana

Hello brothers and Sisters in Christ. My name is Andre, and I serve with CBM as the Africa Team Leader. I pray and hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well. I also pray that, as a local church, you keep finding meaning in following and trusting God in every aspect of your life. From our end, we have been keeping well as a family and are very busy in the mission field. Thank you for being faithful before the Lord by upholding me, the team and our partners in your prayers.

The partner churches have been going through difficult moments: – Since last year, the Eastern part of DR Congo has been attacked by rebels, and the war has left thousands of local people in Internally displaced camps, including church members from our partners, the CEBCE and CBCA. The Eastern part of Kenya had been going through severe drought that caused famine in the semi-arid areas. – A few weeks ago, Rwanda and the East of DR Congo experienced heavy rains that caused flooding and mudslides. About 600 people are reported to have died, plus thousands of houses have been destroyed.

The civil war is going on in Sudan, and with it comes increased insecurity. In all those situations, CBM has been invited to stand in solidarity with our church partners, to reach out to the ones who are suffering, mostly providing emergency relief response for the internally displaced people in DR Congo, the starving communities in both Kenya and South Sudan, and very recently to the affected families in Rwanda.

CBM is grateful that your donations helped to reach out to those who are suffering. Thank you again for your faithfulness and compassion.

Prayer Points:

Please, keep standing with us as we express God’s love and care to those in need. Together, let us pray for the following:

  • Pray for protection and healing for communities dealing with conflict and natural disasters.
  • Travels for Polisi and Laura as they travel to South Sudan to visit our partners and programs.
  • Pray for the success of the upcoming Vennture training for integrating faith into the workplace.
  • Pray for resilience and long-term solutions as we are caught between both extreme ends of the effects of climate change (severe drought Vs floods).
  • Pray for wisdom for our local church partners as they serve on the frontline.
  • Pray, generally, for CBM provision to respond to these ever-growing crises. We pray for you all as well so that God keeps you and blesses the work of your hands. Shalom.

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