Pray with André Sibomana


Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, our King and Saviour.

We come before you this day, with a grateful heart for your love, mercy and grace that sustain our everyday life. We thank you that you are our only refuge, who gives us the comfort that we need. As life gets more and more confusing, in you, our life has a meaning. It is with that hope in you, that, we come humbly before you with our prayer requests:

Lord we pray for CBM ministries globally and in Africa. We pray for colleagues and staff, who have committed to serve the kingdom within their capabilities and giftedness.

Lord, we are praying for the Africa Church partners as they strive to continue to be the Church in the midst of COVID-19. We pray for clarity of mind, to find your will in the midst of the turmoil. May the leaders in charge seek your wisdom to know how and when to adapt to new realities.

We pray for the places that are facing insecurities like North Kivu and South Sudan. Lord, provide food to the people who are starving in Africa. Bless the land and provide enough rain.

The issue of misallocation of resources has also been evident in the distribution of vaccines to Africa. Only less than 3% of Africans have received the COVID-19 vaccines. This is why the different waves still occur because of the mutation of the virus. Lord, would you please provide resources to supply more vaccines in Africa?

The devil is still fueling conflicts in many parts of Africa. We pray for peace and stability in Eastern Congo and in South Sudan.

Lord, bring us clarity as we walk alongside partner churches in 2022 as they plan and make the budget. The uncertainty that the pandemic brings makes it a challenge to plan. Remind us that you are a powerful God that can change the situation for the better.

Lord, give wisdom to our government and church leaders in Africa as they make decisions for the good of your people.

We pray for Canadian friends and Canadian Baptist churches, so that you keep them safe. Let them be the witness among other nations who do not know you. Bless their country. Bless their land, waters, and their weather for the good of your people.

We pray for COVID-19 to be controlled so that the church may have the freedom of gathering again, to preach your good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Lord, thank you that you listen to our humble prayers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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