Pray with André Sibomana


Father God, In the name of Jesus, our King and Saviour, I humbly come before you today in prayer. Thank you for sustaining my life. You are a faithful God. Your love and mighty power surpass our understanding. Thank you for the creation around me, the mountains, the rivers, the sun, the moon, the stars, the whole universe and by your wisdom, how all the creation interact in the ecosystem.

Acknowledging your power and majesty, I am lamenting before you because of the injustice and violence that your people are facing on this continent. We hear about dozens of people who are being killed every week in Northern East of Congo. We hear about the wars and fighting that are happening in Ethiopia. Many children are malnourished and are living in desperation in refugee camps in South Sudan, Rwanda and in Kenya.

Corrupted economic systems are leaving many people in deeper poverty. Those living in the streets are becoming addicted to drugs and they have no hope or motivation to change their lives.

As we anticipate the cerebration of the coming of the Prince of Peace, we are lamenting and praying that may your Kingdom come, Jesus, so that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We are praying for CBM, as they strive to contribute to the restoration of Shalom, to bring healing in the broken communities. We are praying for provision to meet the commitments made to the neediest communities around the globe.

We are praying for the individuals and Baptist churches that are joining CBM in this endeavour of embracing the broken world by donating needed financials resources.  Bless them Lord, bless the work of their hands, give them good health and keep them firm in their faith.

We are praying for partner churches and the staff on the frontlines in the communities. Keep them safe, keep motivating them as they humbly serve your people.

We are praying for CBM staff in the office and in the field. Lord keep them, give them vision and commitment. Personally, Lord, give me hope, keep me safe and give me strength and the wisdom I need as I serve your Kingdom.

As the whole globe is striving to combat the pandemic and its different variants, Lord we pray for justice and equity in the distribution of vaccines. Lord keep all of us united as we combat this pandemic. Enable and equip the church to remain relevant and responsive during this time of global crisis.

Lord, we hope and anticipate the coming of Jesus, to bring Shalom as your Heavenly order.

While waiting, Lord keep us serving humbly before you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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