Pray with Lilian Yang

Hi, I am Lilian Yang. I am National Field Staff of CBM serving in the Golden Triangle Region.

March is the month of graduation for schools and colleges in Thailand. Our mission partner TBTI has 35 graduates this year. Join me in prayer for the new graduates as they step into the mission field and face various challenges ahead of them.

From the start of this year, the Covid-19 crisis in both Myanmar and Thailand has been escalating. Many people were infected including our family members and our mission partners. Please pray for God’s mercy to come upon those who are suffering the symptoms of Covid-19.

I also invite you to continue praying for Myanmar. Along with an environment of unrest, people are facing danger, poverty and lack of electricity. Life in Myanmar is getting harder. Please pray for God’s protection and provision to be upon the people of Myanmar.

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you.

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for the new graduates from TBTI (Thailand Bethel Theological Institute). There are 19 students who graduated from the Chinese department and 16 who graduated from the Thai department this year. Pray that God will grant them courage, wisdom and power as they take up the mission to testify Jesus Christ during this unusual time.
  • Mid-March to Mid-May is the summer holiday season for the schools in Thailand and Myanmar. Please pray for the children to be safe and well protected during this season.
  • Please pray for the pandemic situation in Thailand and Myanmar. The number of COVID-19 cases has risen rapidly from the start of this year. Pray for the leaders of the country to have the wisdom to carry out good leadership to help the people get through this difficult time.
  • The unrest in Myanmar continues to take place. Inflation has caused life to be even harder. Please pray for the people in Myanmar to hold onto the hope in God and have faith to face this difficult time. Pray for God’s mercy and peace to embrace and comfort the people who are desperate.
  • Please pray for our mission partners Pastor Thaw Thu (Lahu project) and Pastor Zhao (Underprivileged children support project). They both tested positive with COVID-19 and are now in the process of recovering. Please pray that they will have a good recovery.

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