Pray with Lilian Yang

Hi everyone, This is Lilian from Myanmar. Currently, our country really needs your prayers. Civil wars are unfolding across the country, and the tensions are intensifying. Many people have been displaced and become refugees. More than that, there is no safe place for many families including children. Please pray for peace from God be upon Myanmar. May God’s kingdom come and His will be done in this broken nation.

Please pray for our mission partners in Myanmar. We are grateful to God for their safety and the projects they are running. Let’s thank God for the sewing project, which has trained women to learn sewing skills and opened the door to employment. Many lives and families have experienced positive change through this initiative. May God’s protection surround them and may our partner be granted wisdom and strength to continue their ministry in this challenging time.

Another project to highlight in Myanmar is the Nursing-aid training project. This project allows youths to be trained in nursing knowledge for better job opportunities. Seeing the youths having enthusiasm and dedication for the training is wonderful. This project addresses the needs of these young individuals, providing them with valuable skills for a better future. Please pray for the youths to learn quickly and acquire wisdom as they undergo training. May God guide them toward a brighter future.

Recently, we have been hosting SENT teams visiting the ministries in the Golden Triangle, encouraging our local partners. The teams have been moved by witnessing the work of the local ministries and how God is working in the region. Please pray for the team to have a safe trip and a fruitful experience.

Your attention and prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Please pray for peace in Myanmar and the safety of people in Myanmar.
  • Please pray for our mission partners in Myanmar and Thailand, who serve faithfully in the mission field. May God continue to bless them and grant them wisdom in the ministries.
  • Please pray that the SENT team in the field will have a fruitful experience and bless the local people.
  • Please pray for the upcoming new mission projects in the Golden Triangle region and our ministry plan for 2024; pray that God will bless the local people through those projects.
  • Please pray for my husband Joseph and I as we navigate this busy season, and pray for good health and strength to overcome any challenges we face.

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