Pray with Louise Hannem

Greeting friends & Merry Christmas

It’s my joy to bring some prayer requests to you regarding the work we do together in global mission through CBM’s partners.

I’m Louise Hannem.  My work as Team Lead for Global Discipleship includes overseeing the SENT program, resource development, and youth engagement.

I want to invite you to join me in praying for a number of things. First, we are excited that international travel is possible again, post-covid restrictions, and we are working with many churches who are eager to visit our partners.  We are currently facilitating trips to Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Rwanda, Thailand, Dominican Reb, Kenya and Lebanon for 2023. We’re grateful too for the many groups of youth and young adults preparing for SENT trips.

We’re excited to work with youth groups, GAP year programs and universities as they recognize these cross-cultural experiences as important for the discipleship of young people.

Lastly, please join us in giving thanks for all of our partnerships across the country- with churches, mission groups, youth groups, universities, gap year programs, camps, and individuals!  We are so thankful that you partner with us, faithfully, year after year, as we join God in embracing our broken world with peace, hope and love.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Pray that upcoming SENT visits would provide much-needed mutual encouragement, and that the Canadian church would be inspired by our churches in the global south as they faithfully live out the good news of Jesus in these challenging times.
  • Pray for the sending churches and groups as they build their teams, study together and fundraise. Pray for them as they are sent back to their local communities to advocate for the poor and put their faith into action through love.
  • Please also pray for us as we create resources that will help educate and engage our churches with an understanding of integral mission, and tools to create dialogue around important justice issues.

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