Pray with Patty Nacho


Our Father who is in heaven, you are always good and you are there, present to help us and protect us from evil. Thank you Abba Father.

We come with a grateful heart, but also with a heart afflicted by many situations. We cry out to you, oh good Father, answer our prayers, and may your will be done.

We beg you to protect us from any attack by the enemy, to help us to overcome our own sins. We recognize more and more our fragility and our need of you.

We ask for protection against COVID and for healing, strength and provision for those who are affected by it. Even though it seems this virus will still be here for months, we know you have the power to use the pain and tears that this virus has sown, as an opportunity for us to turn our gaze to you, to what is really important.

We ask you to give us wisdom to support our partners in Bolivia. Give us strength to continue caring for the children that participate in each of the projects. Many things have normalized despite COVID, and now the needs are becoming more and more visible, that is why we need you and your wisdom in order to press on this year.

We pray specifically for Emanuel Foundation, our partner in Bolivia. The whole staff, the whole family that is in charge of this program, has COVID. And they are now in the process of recovery. Please give them your strength and protect them and may you be the one who heals them. Please Father, give abundant strength to those who are in charge of each project, give them restful breaks every night. May you be the source of peace in their lives. Help our partners here in Bolivia, help our partner’s new leadership and allow us to walk together to bring glory to your name.

Abba, I pray for my family, oh dear God. Only you know how we have dealt with the pain of my dad’s absence. It’s already 7 months, and it still hurts a lot. You are the Father of the orphans and you take care of the widows, and now that our family resonates with those names, so I beg your help and comfort.

Thank you for CBM´s work around the world, may you bless the work of each Field Staff’s hands, as well as those who are based in Canada. Thank you for your church in Canada, thank you because they have supported the ministry with prayers and donations so that your ministry in other countries can continue. Father, bless their families and guard them from all evil.

Thank you for always listening. Thank you because we know that our prayers are heard. Thank you because you are real and we know that in your time you will give the best answer to each request.

We pray all this in the name of our beloved Saviour Jesus. We pray in his merits. Amen.

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