Pray with Tim and Kallie Hutton


Lord, as we come before you, we remember who you are. You are our Lord, who reigns over everything, from the smallest sparrow, to the swirling cosmos. You are our guide through each joy and each sorrow.

You are our Father who loves us.

Thank you for the way you have protected and guided our ministries and our partners. You have provided comfort for those who mourn and hope for those in despair.

Please help the vulnerable families from Casa dela Amistad, Jireh, local church projects, and rural Chagas communities. Hear their cries. Guide us and our partners to know how to best love them and bring them closer to your shalom.

Be with the seminaries, their students and their staff as they continue to prepare leaders. Give them passion for your Word and a commitment to your mission.

Lord, be with our colleagues and our family of believers around the world. Let us be encouraged by how you are working to bring us into solidarity with those who are suffering.

Jesus, thank you for being present with us in our suffering. Please continue to walk with us and give us wisdom, strength, and perseverance. Fill us with your Spirit so that we can be guided by your love and compassion in all things.

We commit this all to you, our just King, loving Father, and faithful friend.


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