Pray with Tim and Kallie Hutton

Hello friends, We’re Tim and Kallie Hutton, Global Field Staff with CBM in Bolivia.

The more time we spend serving on the field, the more we recognize our need for prayer. We are encouraged and comforted knowing that so many people and churches in Canada are praying for our ministry.

Change is a constant and we are continually inspired by our partners as they take on new challenges.

Please pray for our partner Obades and their new director Isidro Mamani. Since entering this role earlier this year, Isidro has brought fresh ideas for building engagement and enabling church members to participate in Obades’ programming. This has involved launching a volunteer program to get youth and young adults from our churches active in different ministries. Pray that these experiences of serving others will become regular practices that will form participants in their discipleship journeys.

Pray also for the Baptist Seminary as they train the next generation of leaders. Our partners are always searching for ways to innovate how they educate and have a passion for developing well-equipped students ready for practical ministry with a deep theological foundation.

Thank you for praying with and for us.

May God bless and keep you this week.

Prayer Points:

Please pray: 

  1. Pray for Obades, our mission and development partner, as they welcome their new director, Isidro Mamani. Isidro has hit the ground running, getting to know diverse projects, building relationships, and traveling extensively to engage people nationally. Having served in leadership for years in the Bolivian Baptist Union, he is passionate about getting local churches engaged in mission.
  2. Pray for local Bolivian volunteers as they get involved with Obades’ ministries. Our prayer is that in serving and discipling others, they will themselves be discipled as active, compassionate followers of Christ.
  3. Pray for the Bolivian Baptist Theological Seminary (STB) as they navigate changes and growth. A new roof is needed and the STB is working hard to mobilize churches and raise funds to get the job done before the rainy season. The Seminary is also going through the arduous administrative task of becoming a legally independent educational institution. This shift has given them the opportunity to cast a new vision and re-evaluate who they want to be as they raise up the next generation of leaders.

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