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India – Business Skills Development for Village Farmers

Cause Code: Poverty
Country: India
Content Author: Kylah Lohnes
Project Partner: Soura
Project code: TD2975
Project Spending: $
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Almost all the Soura Baptist Christian Mondali Sammeloni (SBCMS) Churches are situated on the hill tops. The people who live there, harvest and produce all kinds of valuable raw products but they remain in poverty because they are unable to export or sell for reasonable prices due to a lack of business & marketing skills. Through this project SBCMS will be able to offer training to area leaders and people who are interested and collecting and selling the local products. The aim of the project is to equip local village farmers with knowledge and skills that will enable them to negotiate reasonable prices for their products. Through this project 4 business centres will also be established to facilitate the bulk sale of produce in larger markets. Overall, the community will benefit from this program as the general economic and social situation is improved.
SBCMS is a denomination with over 900 churches. Local churches will be involved in this project by providing the space for the training and business centres to take place. All of the farmers who will receive the training also come from the local churches.

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