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Philippines – Bangon “Rise Up” Pandemic Recovery

Cause Code: Crisis Response
Country: Philippines
Content Author: Kylah Lohnes
Project Partner: KPM
Project code: TR1255
Project Spending: $
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This project has three target beneficiary groups who experienced increased hardship because of the pandemic. 1) 100 Children (50 in Nipa, 50 in Libas) belonging to the poorest of the poor coming from urban poor communities in Roxas City, who either dropped out of school during the pandemic, are enrolled but have not been attending during the pandemic, and whose families are not supportive of their education because they need them to work to earn money for the family because of the pandemic 2) 100 Women (50 in Nipa, 50 in Libas) who have experienced domestic abuse, have turned to prostitution, are uneducated, have faced teen pregnancies, are under nourished because of the pandemic 3) Nutrition – The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on wide-spread under-nourishment within poor communities. Lack of food and access to healthy foods has caused many poor individuals and families to go hungry, rely on food assistance from the government or other NGO’s. Healthy food is not really an option, so they turn to cheap and unhealthy snacks and imported unhealthy GMO rice products. This project works closely with the local church in Nipa and involves pastors and church members in the activities.

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