Lilian Yang Prays for Thailand, Golden Triangle Region

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Our Heavenly Father, Praise be your name, for you have shown the wonder of your love upon the land of the Golden Triangle. You have provided the needs of the people on this Land. Your grace has sustained the growth of lives and you have healed wounded hearts. Lord, I

Praying for the Work in Africa

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Gracious God, we offer you praise for … … the assurance of your presence … the companionship of your spirit … the vision of your kingdom … the goodness of your intent … and the assignments you have given to each of us to bring shalom to our world. We confess

Prayer for the Church Emerging from COVID

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Dear Heavenly Father,  As restrictions ease and our region emerges out of isolation, churches are now being given permission to slowly reopen. Living in this new normal, it is unlikely life will return to how we once knew it. As churches now grapple with the challenges of reopening their physical doors, they also must learn to adapt to the longer lasting changes COVID has brought. Church culture and ministry expectations have perhaps

Atlantic Canada in a Pandemic

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Dear Lord, When the Coronavirus landed in the Atlantic provinces, we went from gathered church, meetings and visits to a sudden “Stay the Blazes Home” mandate.  Social distancing, physical distancing - whatever we phrase the term - it still means that the most basic of human interaction was and is majorly

Cheryl Bear – Prayers Amidst COVID-19

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Grandfather, thank you for your great love for us. Living Word, let us remember and meditate on your faithful promises. Father of Lights, you will see us through this time of darkness. Bread of Life and Living Water we are grateful we have enough food and water to sustain us, please