Acting in Faith – Part 2

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CBM and Westview Baptist Church produced an online workshop last January 30, 2021 entitled “Acting in Faith: Mission in the Age of COVID”. The workshop looked at the impact of COVID-19 on churches around the world. Download This Resource

Praying with Gato Munaymasoko

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Heavenly Father, my God, It is with a humble heart that I come before you to offer my prayer. Dear Father, you are the one who provides and restores peace among your people and creation. Today, I acknowledge that conflict among people is a reality. Violence is happening in different

Praying for Bolivia with the Dycks

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Lord Jesus we thank you that even though we are going through a time in which the world is experiencing a global pandemic, political instability at all levels, and general economic uncertainty, we can approach you with the assurance that you already know all the details and are in control. We

Pray with the Lams for Germany

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Dear Heavenly Father, You are a faithful God and you have protected us and guided the ministry for seven years. Here we come before you and lay down our burden at your feet. Lord, may you continue to protect Germany during this pandemic. Many people chose to travel during the

Elie Haddad Prays for Lebanon

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Father, You see that Lebanon has been in a lot of turmoil recently. The refugee crisis resulting from the war in Syria has had an effect on Lebanon for the last 10 years. Mid last year we started experiencing an economic downfall, followed by political and social unrest last October.