New Ministry & New Potential Gospel Point

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Gospel Camp: Göttingen, Kassel & Marburg are all University cities. The turnover of students are high. To strengthen the passion in spreading the Gospel, we have decided to host a united Gospel camp next June. (Marburg Fellowship is currently led by another missionary.) Praise the Lord, there’s already a church that committed to send

Home Assignment in Toronto – Filled With Grace

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“…take root below & bear fruit above.” (Isaiah 37:31b) June to August was the first time we came back to Toronto for home assignment since we left for Germany. The Lord opened doors & allowed us opportunities to share our experience at different churches, fellowships & small groups. We shared the ministry challenges

The Door to Outreach Remains Opened

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The end of a year and the beginning of another always brought about the busiest change in ministry. It is also the peak season for outreach activities. Christmas Celebration: There were approximately 100 participants at Göttingen fellowship, & 60 participants in Kassel. Some families traveled 2 hours from out of town to

Discipleship Training

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“…take root below & bear fruit above.” (Isaiah 37:31b) We all know well the Great Commission – “Make disciples of all nations”. From evangelical ministry to follow up mentorship, from new believers to disciples – this is always the motto of our ministry. During our first year in the mission