Matching Gift 2019

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Reweaving shalom means to sacrificially thread, lace, and press your time, goods, power, and resources into the lives and needs of others. This quote from Timothy Keller reminds me how Canadian Baptists have been weaving these threads together for over 150 years to help those suffering due to poverty. Recently a friend of

Hopeful Gifts for Change

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Take a journey with us through the pages of this catalogue, and discover how your gifts of love can multiply in the lives of people around the world.

Give a Hopeful Gift

Mosaic Spring 2017

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As an evangelical university graduate in 1979, my favorite album was Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming, and my favourite song was Man Gave Names to All the Animals. Behind the simplistic lyrics and nursery-rhyme melody lurks layers of hidden meaning that even Bob Dylan was reluctant to divulge. “He saw an animal up on