Lilian Yang

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Lilian is the newest member of the CBM staff and holds the position of National Field Staff in the Golden Triangle Region. Her main duties are to equip local pastors and laypersons through Christian education/theological training in Bethel Bible Institute. She will assist local churches, organizations and seminaries to develop the training ministry in sharing

Jonathan Wilson

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Jonathan is CBM’s Senior Associate for Theological Integration and provides direction on the integration of theology and practice through writing, teaching, training leaders and speaking. Pray for a continued deepening of his relationship with God as he teaches and serves. Pray for a growing hunger to learn from Jesus and a greater willingness to walk with the Holy Spirit. Pray also for discipline

International Day of Peace

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International Day of Peace is observed annually on September 21. It is a day to strengthen ideals of peace all over the world, amongst people of the same nation and culture, as well as between different countries. The United Nations Member States acknowledge that the first step to building peace is to achieve economic and social

International Literacy Day

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International Literacy Day, observed on September 8, is a time to celebrate improvements in world literacy rates and at the same time, review challenges that limit progress. According to the United Nations, “at least 750 million youth and adults still cannot read and write and 250 million children are failing to acquire basic

Carla Nelson

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Carla Nelson is CBM’s Senior Associate – Africa Liaison & Educational Specialist. She supports CBM’s initiatives, strengthening existing and exploring new educational programs with partners internationally. Please pray for Carla and Field Staff Gato Munyamasoko as they work on curriculum resources for peace and reconciliation workshops. Pray as Gato pilots the workshops with church and school groups in Rwanda. Pray for

Tim and Kallie Hutton

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Tim and Kallie are CBM Global Field Staff who work with CBM’s partners, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and its development arm, OBADES, to build and support effective programs and ministries. They help to get churches involved with strategic community development projects, as well as help expand the capacity of the seminary to train effective leaders through improving accessibility to theological resources. Pray

International Day of Charity

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On September 5, we recognize International Day of Charity. Eradicating poverty is a global challenge and each sector has a critical role to play in implementing solutions to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. Pray that al marginalized people will have access to basic needs and will be able to flourish and thrive. Pray that individuals and organizations will step

Jeff Carter

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Jeff is currently serving with the Baptist World Alliance as Director of the Horizons Leadership Training program, an online training course in international youth and children leadership for volunteer youth and children workers. Please pray for him as he travels to and from Africa during the last week of August for the All African Baptist Youth Fellowship (AABYF)

Emad and Almess Botros

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Emad and Almess were appointed by CBM to serve at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. Emad serves as a lecturer in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies. His desire is to equip and empower students with sufficient tools to develop their understanding of the Old Testament and how to apply

David and Suzannah Nacho

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As Global Field Staff the Nachos serve in the area of leadership formation and theological education in Latin America. Their ministry out of Costa Rica has local, regional and global impact through Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies (CETI), a learning community of students, faculty and administrators. Master’s, certificate and open course