Spring 2017

Ready To Go…Again

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We are back in Rwanda and ready to jump into the ministry here once more. The journey back began with an overnight in Toronto. This allowed us the opportunity to see some former colleagues. First we had supper with Johnny & Paige Byrne-Mamahit, with whom we worked for several years in Indonesia. Then we

Happy Anniversary

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May 2017 marks fifteen years since we began working for Canadian Baptist Ministries. It was “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” – May 2002 in Mississauga, ON – that the Board of CBM appointed us as a young family to head to Indonesia. Together with Jeff and Deann Carter in

There IS a Doctor in the House!

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Breaking news: On May 13th, I finally became Dr.Darell Bustin! It has been a 7-year journey that spanned 3 continents. It started in Asia in 2010, continued in North America and finally finished in Africa. Trying to get the thesis written has not been easy. At the same exact time when I

An Exit Interview for Caleb

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As Caleb prepares to graduate from high school and move back to Canada, we thought it might be interesting to chat with him to gain some insights on what it has been like for him to be a Third Culture Kid (TCK) for the last 15 years of his life. Here is the interview!

HORIZONS: Leaders Spotlight Dragos (Andrei) Hogas

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Over a year ago I had the privilege of teaching a young man in my pastoral training course at the University of Bucharest in Romania. Dragos (Andrei) Hogas (pictured left) is the youth pastor at the Filadelfia Baptist Church. He shared with me the challenges of his youth work, and we spent long

More Good News! We’re Almost There!

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Are we there yet? This seems to be a common refrain when nearing a destination. Children are certainly fond of this question while trying to be patient in the back seat. The typical answer intended to stretch their patience just a little further is, “We’re almost there…almost there.” “We’re almost there” would pretty much describe

A Visit to Norway

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One of the highlights of the past few months was a visit to northern Norway to attend the Executive Committee meeting of the European Baptist Federation (EBF). CBM has considerable input into the ministries of the EBF through the youth leaders training program that Jeff Carter designed and leads, and the refugee coordination and

The Anteambulos of Manila

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In a recent article I discovered the Roman system for the patronage of art and science. Successful business people, politicians, or wealthy families would subsidize artists, thinkers, and writers to produce works of art, or to perform tasks, in exchange for protection, food, and gifts. One of these tasks was the role of the

REVOLUTION!: Godly Reimagining

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This past March we saw the culmination of three years work, towards a joint conference of the EBF Youth and Children’s Committee and the EBF Mission Committee.  There were several things that were an encouragement to us.  A couple of unique things took place:  First, it was the largest gathering of leaders from across

Our First Home Assignment

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We arrived in Ontario on March 25th to begin our first three-month Home Assignment.  After meetings at CBM and speaking in Kanata Baptist Church, we began our trek west on April 3rd. We have seen spring arrive and the landscape change.  We have enjoyed spending time with family, visiting churches, resuming conversations with friends and